With Noel Gallagher, Other Lives, Alpines

Welcome to ClashMusic's single's round-up for 22nd August 2011 with releases by Noel Gallagher, Young The Giant, Alpines, Benjamin Shaw and Other Lives.

I feel the pull of awarding Noel our single of the week for past glories but have managed to stop myself and give it deservedly to Other Lives for their 'Tamer Animals'.

Noel Gallagher: High Flying Birds - Death Of You & Me

You'll all have heard it by now, Noel's first solo single after the increasingly bitter Oasis split. Given Beady Eye's less than vital existence the pressure is off for the senior Gallagher brother with Noel perhaps sensing as much with this pleasant Oasis-esque number. Of course, he wrote all the words and music in Oasis so that's not a criticism in itself, The Death Of You And Me' just isn't as good as I hoped it'd be.

Benjamin Shaw - When I Fell Over In The City

Though certainly lo-fi, Shaw has the good grace to mine a solid, catchy song which'd out whether in front of his four track or in a top-end studio. Annoyingly, I can't stop myself thinking how much better this could be with a little spit and polish but that's just me. Listen, enjoy and be happy.

Young The Giant - Cough Syrup

Big in the U.S., Young The Giant peddle a pleasant enough grown-up indie which, 'on 'Cough Syrup', doesn't quite take-off on those euphoric choruses. The press release boasts of their diverse backgrounds and "sophisticated musical sensibility" but they really could've done with mis-spending their youth a bit more.

Other Lives - Tamer Animals

Be sure to watch the live clip above for an instant crash course in Other Lives. You don't have to negotiate stylists and carefully worded press releases with this one, just enjoy this live session version of 'Tamer Animals' and investigate further (they are on tour over here at the moment).

Alpines - Cocoon

Of course I like this one, we had them as a Ones To Watch not so long ago (read it HERE). Their 'night pop' (their description not mine) sounds great, all moody electro pop with the benefit of a female front woman who doesn't sound like La Roux or Florence.

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