With Jamie Lidell, LCD Soundsystem, Four Tet
Jamie Lidell

This week sees the (oh I wish he hadn't bothered) return of Richard Ashcroft as RPA & The United Nations Of Sound, a further gem from Jamie Lidell's 'Compass', James Murphy breaking out the silky vocals, Four Tet bathing us in the suitably titled 'Angel Echoes' and Pendulum ploughing their familiar furrow, creating dance music for moshers.

Jamie LidelI – I Wanna Be Your Telephone

It's almost a shame Jamie Lidell is so good, 'cause i can't use my 'cut price supermarket soul' line. Oh well, the consolation is that Jamie Lidell is so good. Latest album 'Compass' is his best yet and 'I Wanna Be Your Telephone' a prime gritty shaker.

Pendulum – Witchcraft

It seems Pendulum wrong footed us on arrival, they've gone from Aussie drum'n'bass peddlers to some kind of Emo dance rock band making 'dance music' for moody teens. Noting that 'Witchcraft' is being promoted with a viral, facebook campaign, and yeah, I'll leave now thanks.

RPA & The United Nations Of Sound – Born Again

Oh Richard. You break my heart. I don't want to mindlessly join the piley-on of criticism of Ashcroft's last venture but to experience the full horror, head over to YouTube and check the (un-embeddable) official video HERE. Really it's undefendable and especially frustrating when you recall the spine-tingling beauty the Verve could conjure. To help you recover check out 'I See The Door', 'Blue, 'Endless Life' or their classic early Glastonbury appearance doing 'Gravity Grave'.

Four Tet - Angel Echoes

Those opening seconds give little clue to what's in store once that vocal sample appears and things get a little blissed out. Very calmly it slowly builds into a perfectly formed, miniature crescendo that wouldn't wake a baby. If you're ever running late for work, skip the shower and listen to 'Angel Echoes' on the commute for a similarly refreshing experience (unfortunately it can't do anything for the body odour. Keep your distance stinky!).

LCD Soundsystem - I Can Change

Making all podgy men the wrong side of thirty feel alot better, it's James Murphy! Hey if he can be the coolest guys on Earth why can't... nah, never mind. 'I Can Change' is a superior slice of synth pop topped by Murphy's surprisingly competent vocals. Lidell won't lose any sleep but JM hits those high notes beautifully. Read ClashMusic's epic interview with James Murphy HERE.


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