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Singles Round Up - 15th November

Maybe the last Singles Round-up before the Christmas silly season sees a raft of novelty/desperate releases sees the unnecessary from Florence and the Machine, the intriguing from newcomer Francis Neve, a shot in the arm from The Whigs and a moment of considered beauty from Steve Mason.

Steve Mason - Boys Outside

From 2010's excellent album of the same name, 'Boys Outside' shows Steve's a much more complex individual than his chunky Adidas and zipped up hiking coat might suggest (that's assuming you aren't aware of The Beta Band of course). 'Boys Outside' is a haunting guitar and piano ballad that is a slow building desolate classic.

Florence And The Machine - Heavy In Your Arms

The seventh (eighth if you count the 'Dog Days Are Over' reissue) single from Florence's 'Lungs' album is a bit unnecessary isn't it? By this stage anyone with a vague interest will have heard Flo's music and bought the album if they felt so inclined. Ah it's to promote the expanded version of her album now packaged with a second disc of remixes and live tracks. Case closed.

The Hundred In The Hands - Commotion

Suitably icy, THITH's 'Commotion' arrives as the morning frost refuses to melt, a chilly, slick bit of dance-pop that'll make Winter easier to get through. Also, you can download the Tiger And Woods remix of 'Commotion' here - http://soundcloud.com/charmfactory/the-hundred-in-the-hands-commotion-tiger-and-woods-remix

Imelda May - Kentish Town Waltz

Giving the jivin' boys a day off, Imelda gives us a ballad here displaying another side to her retro-rockabilly sound. Sounding like an culturally ingrained folk tale 'Kentish Town Waltz' will have the strongest heart weeping into his shandy this Christmas.

The Whigs - Hundred/Million

Kings Of Leon tour mates for their upcoming December dates, Athens, Georgia's The Whigs ply a rougher, rawer rock sound than their patrons though their riffs are reigned in by a melodic, radio friendly chorus. Exhilarating stuff.

Francis Neve - Brian's Drying Up

01 Brians Drying Up by Emms Publicity

A curious title for Neve's debut single taken from his 'The Second Time We First Met' album, released in September this year. His lo-fi pop is perfectly pitched between its complex drum barrages and atmospheric piano and picked guitar and for a debut single? Very nice.

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