According to Danish fairy tale peddler, Hans Christian Anderson, “Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine...” and we at Clash wholeheartedly concur. Jackets have been forsaken and levity abounds. The first kiss of hayfever may be on the wind but it's a small price to pay. As such, we're feeling lighthearted and lyrical in bringing you this weeks (exceptionally long) singles, setting us up for the unhurried summer as it snakes ever closer to our bare toes.

Single Of The Week

Gang Gang Dance – Glass Jar

“It's everything time”. And so it is. It could well be viewed as perverse to release a single that's over 11 minutes long but it suits the experimental New Yorkers rather splendidly. Amorphous 80's synths, droning bass lines, serious percussion, steel drums and the unique vocal stylings of Lizzi Bougatco coalesce, as ever, into something much larger than the sum of their parts. It requires patience and repeated listens, but for your time you shall be richly rewarded. It's a little like a sherbet fountain; the weird liquorice centre taints yet infuses with vigour the sweet, sharp, powdery goodness of cascading confectionery. Just the thing for any whirling dervishes out there.

Deerhunter – Memory Boy

We loved every track off recent album Halcyon Digest, so this track already feels like an old friend. So we say, pull up a deckchair old friend and let us luxuriate in your simple yet upbeat 60's light psychedelic sounds. Let us smile at Bradford Cox's languorous vocals and the unhurried familiarness of the foot tapping sing-along chorus "it's not a house anymore". In fact, let us buy you an ice lolly.

Connan Mockasin - Forever Dolphin Love

The wilfully obscure Kiwi oddballs return with a ten minute single that's unlikely to win them any new fans. Connan's vocals remain in that strange high pitched register somewhere between an excitable Bobby Conn and a helium guzzling girl. Although we've been fans of his psych inspired, Can channeling, discordant jazz offerings in the past, this is a bit ponderous and definitely over long. An exercise in summarising required.

Arctic Monkeys – Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair

The first single to be taken from their fourth album 'Suck It And See' sees the boys travel even further into the classic rock territory first traversed in Humbug. Josh Homme has much to answer for in influencing their current sound but they’re yet again working with producer James Ford (one half of Simian Mobile Disco). It's far from unpleasant but doesn't quite possess the immediacy or winning charm of previous efforts and there will be detractors, for sure. For me, the lyrics are disappointingly below par; I reckon Alex wrote them whilst taking a shit, except the shit took longer. Kyuss & Cream.

Funeral Party – 'NYC Moves To The Sound Of L.A'

Punky, perky, jerky indie from the LA based skate rockers. Their unimaginative moniker doesn't belie the sheer furious energy which propels the band forward like they've all just drank a six pack of Redbull. This track may not be breaking any boundaries but theirs is undoubtedly an infectious energy with a decent verse/chorus structure to boot. We always like a bit of cheerful antagonism with regards to the east/west coast divide but ultimately there's one thing that really sold it to us; cowbells!


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