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Jamie Lidell

Set aside the political uncertainty of the last few days and relax, ClashMusic's Singles Round up for May 10th is here.

From old soul, Mary J. Blige, to nu soul, Jamie Lidell, via Ex Libras' post rock ballad, Lightspeed Champion's lighthearted plea for death's sweet release, Charlotte Gainsbourg's Gallic class and Emika's bass heavy angelic whispers, it's a full and well rounded week that didn't leave me despairing for the kids.


Lightspeed Champion 'Madame Van Damme'

It's hard to believe Dev was one of the clowns that made up the nu-rave in-joke that was Test Icicles, but the past is the past and he's down his fair share to win me back. 'Madame Van Damme' sees him sing "Baby, won't you kill me?" in a light hearted enough manner that that call to The Samaritans is averted. But if things turned gloomy I would make that call y'know.

Mary J. Blige 'Each Tear' ft. Jay Sean

There was a time when Mary J. was talked about in the same breadth as Aretha. Not a compliment I'd jump to agree with especially when you hear stuff like 'Each Tear' (and yeah I know Aretha hasn't done much to support her status in recent years but she has credit in the bank with me). Thankfully a former teenage techno wiz is up next to restore the faith.

Jamie Lidell 'The Ring'

Jamie Lidell's compass lands of funky on 'The Ring' propelled by some treated beatboxing from the multi talented musician. Settling into a piano and handclap driven groove, Lidell's voice is at it's loosest, effortlessly waxing and waning around the heavyweight groove. Never mind all that smooth R'n'B bollocks, this is today's Soul music.

Ex Libras 'Underachiever'

The trio of ex librarians once more upset expectations with a slow paced, atmospheric slow burner that adds sheets of guitar noice around the half way mark without ever breaking a sweat. Teamed with a video featuring slow motion kick boxing, it's a very apt accompaniment to the really quite beautiful 'Underachiever'.

Emika 'Double Edge'

Ninja Tune's Emika drops the second single from her forthcoming album and another dread filled bass rumbler it is. Contrasted perfectly by Emika's delicate whispering, it kinda reminds me of Leftfield's 'Original' which used Toni Halliday's sultry vocals to great effect over their bass heavy backing. And that's high praise indeed.

Charlotte Gainsbourg ‘Time of the Assassins’

Taken from her Beck assisted 'IRM' album, (which is French for MRI, the big scary machine you get fed into to check out yer brain), 'Time of the Assassins' is a classy slice of Gallic pop. Just what you'd expect from Madame Gainsbourg really and a great advert for the equally essential parent album. Let's just hope Beck's 'religious' views don't rub off on her.

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