PVT’s Richard Pike opens his ear holes to the latest tracks; finds his ear holes would rather close…

Cross-continental trio PVT (pictured) are no strangers to this music lark – they’ve four albums to their name, including this year’s ‘Homosapien’. The band put together a special DJ Podcast Mix for Clash to mark said set’s release – you can still hear that over here. 

They’re bringing their live show to the UK soon, too, landing at Dublin’s Camden Crawl (we know, it still doesn’t sound right, does it?) on May 4th, and London’s Land of Kings Festival the next day. Then they’ll deliver another set for capital city gig-goers on May 30th when they play the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen.

Says the band’s Richard Pike of his guest-reviewer responsibilities: “I’m listening to these, and giving my immediate impressions in real time. Apologies to all the artists involved.”

Artists, you are warned.

- - -

AlunaGeorge – ‘Attracting Flies’

“This isn’t really my bag. Highly compressed pop R&B, with an East End accent. I like the little melodic refrain, and there’s a good synth sound. But otherwise it’s all a bit fluff-pop to me. Next!”

- - -

Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding – ‘I Need Your Love’

“Taxi driver radio music. Isn’t there enough of this stuff out there already? How does something like this get so popular? ‘When everything’s wrong, you make it right…’ Hard-hitting stuff. This is music made in a factory. I prefer AlunaGeorge – at least they’re not trying to insult me.”

- - -

K-X-P – ‘Melody’

“This is a track released for Record Store Day (Clash content here). “There’s a bit of a Krautrock vibe going with the beat. Big electric bass, twinkling arpeggiated synths. Brass vibes, very major and happy – and then some actual brass comes in. This reminds me of The Polyphonic Spree or something. But this does become a bit too cartoony for me, a bit perky.”  

- - -

Lethal Bizzle feat. Wiley – ‘They Got It Wrong’

“I’m no rap aficionado, but I love some of the UK grime MCs, like Wiley, Giggs, Skepta and JME. There was a lyric of JME’s recently that went: ‘CD is dead / Better get a day job instead.’ I just hate how these artists are forced to put in Auto-Tune R&B choruses, in a bid for radio play. Just seems desperate to me. So, there are good verses here, but boring choruses.”

- - -

Don Bronco – ‘The Whole Truth’

“Right away this reminds me of Everything Everything, with the double-time vocals in the verse. But that comparison would be a discredit to Everything Everything. This soon turns into over-processed guitar music that should have died in the 1990s. It sounds American, even though it’s English. It’s always a shame when that happens. It even has a little acoustic breakdown. Plus, the video was clearly conceived by a 14-year-old boy.”

- - -

Devlin feat. Etta Bond – ‘Love Cards’

“I hope this isn’t terrible… whenever I see a ‘featuring’ credit, alarm bells go off. Turns out that, again, this isn’t my bag but I don’t mind the production. The girl’s vocals are good, and so is the chord progression. I’m not so into this MC – he’s a bit shouty. Maybe I’m just too old for this, but it seems too formulaic to get excited about.”


- - -

James Yorkston – ‘Spanish Ants’

“Ah, I was waiting for a folky one. If it isn’t garish pop-house or R&B-dubstep these days, it’s earthy tweed-and-boots Mumfords style-over-substance. Perfect for TV ads. Having said that, this is quite nice and seems quite genuine. Is James Yorkston English? (Well, he's Scottish - Clash) I would prefer it if the mix had fewer overdubs, because I want to hear what he’s singing about. Spiders and elks and forests, by the sound of it.”

- - -

Find PVT on that internet – you’re already on it, well done you! – over here, and check out their track ‘Vertigo’ as remixed by Hype Williams here.


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