Single Of The Week – January 4th

A New Year dawns

And so, another year…

Maybe its because we’re older, but for some of us Christmas doesn’t quite hold the appeal it once did. Sprouts are never going to grow on us and that big box in the corner isn’t a Hornby railway set its a DVD rack for the flat.

Ah well, there’s always New Year. There’s something about December 31st, the passage of time and the depths of winter that brings out the incorrigible romantic and the unrepentant cynic.

“It doesn’t mean anything!” some shout.

“Who cares?” reply the rest. Me? I’m all for a bit of romanticism. Let the bells ring, put the past to one side and look towards the future.

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Single Of The Week

Delphic – Doubt
Seriously, Manchester must sit on some ancient leyline. The city seems perfectly equipped to blend dance with rock, as if the residents of the Northern city have both halves of their brain seared together. The latest next big thing to emerge from Manchester, Delphic spent the bulk of 2009 honing their skills, waiting in the sidelines while others gained the glory. Time well spent, by the looks of things as ‘Doubt’ is an absolute monster. Obviously aware of its history, the single also stares straight into the future. Destined to be remixed into dancefloor glory, Delphic have launched their first seismic missile into 2010.

Delphic – Doubt

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And the rest…

SMD – Cruel Intentions
Way back before Gossip hit paydirt and Beth Ditto was turned into a bona fide celebrity the Portland based group specialised in preening, snotty dance-punk par excellence. Coaxing Ms Ditto away from the spotlight Simian Mobile Disco have managed to secure the singer’s finest vocal in years, a stunning soulful take on the duo’s electro sound. Time to put those resolutions to one side and kiss the January detox goodbye.

SMD – Cruel Intentions

Lost Prophets – Where We Belong
Sure, you’d rather break wind than drop their name in fashionable company but Lost Prophets are one of British rock’s great survivors. Like those other hard working heroes Biffy Clyro the Welsh group have toured continuously, building up their fan base the hard way. ‘Where We Belong’ is typically workmanlike, chafing at its own limitations but in the live arena, surrounded by thousands of fans, Lost Prophets will surely charge beyond any boundaries.

The Saturdays – Ego
Interesting pop fact: underneath all the fake tan The Saturdays are absolutely hollow.

The Temper Trap – Fader
Launching themselves into the UK Top Ten via the stadium atmospherics of ‘Sweet Disposition’ Temper Trap open 2010 with a bass chugging monster. Displaying plenty of Aussie grit and bravado ‘Fader’ also has enough heart and soul to remind us of the band who climbed the charts last year. Destined to cause a tidal wave of pint glasses come festival season, ‘Fader’ has just enough Antipodean sunshine to tide us over through the cold, harsh winter.

Sidney Samson – Riverside (Let’s Go!)
Having hung around last year ‘Riverside (Let’s Go!)’ is now set to get a fresh release. A stomping, addictive track with plenty of sweary goodness ‘Riverside (Let’s Go!)’ has enough chart potential to produce another ‘We Are Your Friends’ style chart takeover. Will 2010 see electro house maintain its assault on the mainstream? Tracks like these will be the deciding factor.

Sidney Samson – Riverside (Let’s Go!)

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