For those who want to keep the carnival flame alive...

It's September, so - we guess - summer is coming to a close.

It's a been a blast, though, with more musical memories than we care to recount.

Notting Hill Carnival was, as ever, a real highlight, a truly special, one of a kind event, something that - in all honesty - we're probably still recovering from.

Here's self-confessed carnival aficionado Shakka with his guide on how to do it right.

- - -

Voice - 'Cheers To Life'

This is the victory song you play on Graduation Day, Stag Do, last day at work, etc. Bonus points if you learn all of the words. Insert rum shots here.

- - -

Charly Black - 'You Ah Party Animal'

Perfect mid-tempo jam to learn how and where to move one’s legs when dancing to soca. Also a good pace when learning to engage in close contact waist action with a loved one / "getting to know”-one. Begin drinking cocktail here.

- - -

Kes – 'Hello'

Make sure you’re with experienced soca veterans when this song drops. It’s got the sing-along power of Lionel Ritchie's 'All Night Long'. But with the romance of Kevin Lyttle's 'Turn Me On'. After second cocktail, babysit a cold pint cup of water, before finding the lavatory.

- - -

Machel Montano - 'Fast Wine'

Machel is one of, if not the King(s) of Soca. And this song is a testament to his almost endless catalogue of bangers for the road. Once again, sing-along crew compatible, as well as dance move friendly. Rum punch top up.

- - -

Cloud 5 - 'No Behaviour'

We pick the pace up here. Less melody. More primal energy and testosterone required. Again, punch top up.

- - -

Rupee – 'Jump'

Energy, stamina, and timing are all tested by this point of the day. Do not be fooled by the tempo of the song; simply stomp your foot, and jerk your waist. The applause will do the rest. Then lunch. More Water. No alcohol for at least an hour.

- - -

Trinidad - 'Nyah George'

Trinidad is the home of soca music. It’s also home to arguably the greatest location for a carnival celebration on planet earth. This stampeding, celebratory anthem is a tribute to said island. Moshing welcome.

- - -

JW & Blaze – 'Palance'

So the moves to this song is simple. Upon the very quick countdown, you hop four stomps to the left, then four stomps to the right. Repeat four times. Take a sip of what is left of the rum punch.

If you’re still alive by this point, congratulations. You and the Notting Hill Carnival are now friends.

- - -

Shakka's new single 'Too Bad Bad' is out now.

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