Seven Tracks: Riton

Exploring the breadth of his production work...

Riton has quietly built up one of the most impressive CVs in British music.

A production whose cabinet features an actual, genuine Grammy award, he's worked with a plethora of artists, from MCs right through to R&B queens and pop minstrels.

Always ready for a new challenge, Riton's breadth is perhaps his super power – recent releases include sparring with bassline outfit Bad Boy Chiller Crew on 'Come With Me' and resurgent vocalist RAYE.

With his own cut 'Friday' reaching Top Five, it's clear that Riton is riding the crest of a wave in terms of undiluted creativity.

Clash caught up with Riton for Seven Tracks – our regular space to explore the work of producers…

– – –

Riton & Raye – 'I Don't Want You'

This is a collab with one of the best singer/songwriters in the UK. Im reallly excited that she wanted to do this track now after being released from her record deal! Its an honour to work with her on this. It sampled one of my fave old 90s tracks: Dominica – 'Got To Let You Go'.

– – –

Silk City x Dua Lipa – 'Electricity'

Mark Ronson called me up and let me check out what he'd been doing on some house music that he was working on. He thought I'd be a good person to ask for thoughts and I cheekily ask if i could produce it a bit more and he agreed… and the rest is Grammy history.

– – –

Riton – 'Rinse & Repeat'

This is the first song me and Kahlo made within the first hour of ever meeting and it was the start of a period of me working with her which was really fun and a super important track for me in my career.

– – –

Riton – 'Turn Me On'

I got to sample one of my favourite all time synth hooks from Vince Clarke – one of my heroes in production – so that was an honour to get to use it. Fun track.

– – –

Riton – 'Friday'

Oh look, heres another one I sampled. This is my attempt to make a Christmas No. 1 but for every day for the week.

– – –

Die Verboten – 'Live in Eivissa'

My project with Belgian DJs Too Many DJs and graphic designer/drummer Fergus ‘Fergadelic’ Purcell – our 25 minute long Live Cosmic Jam recorded outdoors in Manumisison villa. Defnitely my fave recording experience of my life.

– – –

Carte Blanch – 'Gare Du Nord'

This was written with my friend DJ Mehdi. The idea came from downloading train sounds and making a techno beat out of them.

– – –

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