Seven Jungle Artists Carrying The Torch For The NewGen

The classic UK club sound is being reworked...

Within the electronic and dance spheres, jungle, a genre born from the underground rave scenes of the early 1990s, has experienced a remarkable resurgence in recent years. Spearheaded by a new generation of inventive producers breathing fresh life into the genre, they offer the youth of today a window into one of the UK’s most popular sub-genres from the early 21st century. The original jungle sound, characterised by its rapid breakbeats, deep basslines, and eclectic sampling, emerged from the UK and quickly became a global phenomenon, and today this foundational influence is being reimagined by a diverse group of artists who are pushing the boundaries of what jungle can be.

These artists are adept at blending classic jungle rhythms with modern production techniques, resulting in a dynamic, evolving soundscape that appeals to both loyalists and new listeners alike. Their music often incorporates influences from drum and bass, footwork, dubstep, and even hip-hop, creating a hybridised package that is uniquely their own. That being said, CLASH honour the revival,  hand-picking seven jungle trailblazers carrying the torch for the new gen. 

Nia Archives 

It would be hard to curate a jungle list without touching on the recent influence of Nia Archives. Renowned for her vibrant fusion of jungle, drum and bass, and soulful melodies, Nia Archives is one of the leading jungles producers from the UK, enjoying a gargantuan rise to success over the past two years.

Hailing from Bradford and still only 24-years-old, Nia has garnered acclaim with tracks like ‘Forbidden Feelings’ and ‘Baianá’ sitting on more than 65 million streams combined, blending nostalgic rave elements with contemporary production techniques. Her tracks, characterised by lush, atmospheric pads and intricate breakbeats have crafted a safe community for Nia to continue her commitment to empowering women in electronic music through her activism and community engagement. 

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Coco Bryce

Hailing from the Netherlands, Coco Bryce is a versatile producer celebrated for his innovative contributions to the jungle and breakbeat genres. With a career spanning over two decades, he’s developed a unique style that merges classic jungle rhythms with modern bass music influences.

Known for his prolific output and dynamic DJ sets, Coco Bryce’s releases on labels like Lobster Theremin and Fresh 86 showcase his ability to push boundaries while maintaining a deep respect for the genre’s roots. His dedication to crafting immersive, dancefloor-ready tracks has cemented his reputation as a leading figure in contemporary jungle.

Now hosting a monthly show on London-based internet radio station Balamii, Bryce has maintained his relevance within the wider jungle scene, and can be found every second Tuesday of the month playing his favourite jungle, hip-hop and UKG tunes. 

4am Kru 

Hailing from London, 4am Kru are redefining the jungle scene with their energetic and eclectic productions. Combining elements of rave, drum and bass, and old-school jungle, their music is characterised by its high-energy beats and nostalgic samples.

With releases on influential labels and a growing fanbase, 4am Kru’s tracks have become staples in the underground jungle community, with their live tour schedule getting increasingly busier as every month goes on. Since emerging post-lockdown, their singular approach to production and their commitment to preserving the raw, unfiltered energy of jungle, has made them key players in the proliferation of the genre. 


Napes is another name thrown into the mix as a proponent of the NewGen jungle sound. Known for his meticulous production style and deep, atmospheric soundscapes, Napes also identifies as a DnB producer, sometimes bridging the gap between both genres.

Based in the UK, Napes blends complex breakbeats with lush, emotive melodies. Despite only emerging in 2019 with a string of successful releases on SoundCloud, his recent output on labels like Astrophonica and Repertoire highlight his skill in creating tracks that are both introspective and dancefloor-friendly. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of jungle while staying true to its foundational elements marks him as a significant figure in the genre’s future. 

Samurai Breaks 

Originating from the Leeds music scene, Samurai Breaks has been championed for his high-octane, genre-blurring tracks that fuse jungle with elements of footwork and bass music. His energetic productions, characterised by rapid-fire breakbeats and heavy basslines, have earned him a reputation as a forward-thinking artist in the jungle sphere. With releases on labels like Hooversound and Rua Sound, Samurai Breaks consistently drops heatseekers through 4×4 soundscapes. With a reputation for dynamic live performances and relentless creativity, his unique, amalgamated sound has made him a standout figure in the club continuum. 

Tim Reaper 

Emerging from London, Tim Reaper is widely regarded as one of the key figures in the jungle revival between the late 2010s and early 2020s. His label Future Retro London, originally conceived as a nightclub showcase, won the Breakthrough Label award at DJ’s Mag’s 2021 Best of British awards.

Drawing inspiration from the 90s Golden Era, he seamlessly blends classic jungle elements with contemporary production techniques. His releases on esteemed labels such as Blu Mar Ten, his dedication to the genre’s lore coupled with his innovative approach, make him a pivotal force in the modern jungle Renaissance.


Hailing from the small English city of Norwich, influential multi-genre producer and DJ, Sully, has been a driving force in the evolution of jungle and bass music. Known for his intricate drum programming and murky soundscapes, his tracks often blend the intensity of jungle with the emotive depth of UK garage and dubstep.

With releases on renowned labels like Keysound and Astrophonica, Sully has pushed the boundaries of the genre. His ability to innovate while maintaining a deep connection to jungle’s roots has made him a key figure in the breakbeat relaunch, inspiring both peers and new listeners alike. 

Words: Harvey Marwood

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