Sentimental Journey: Catch The Young Interviewed

“We wanted to capture that emotion that we can only experience in our youth...”

Young and talented. Those are the words that precisely describe the Korean band Catch The Young, who made their comeback earlier this month with the mini-album ‘Fragments Of Odyssey’, a continuation of the group’s debut mini-album, ‘Catch The Young: Fragments Of Youth’.

“While our debut album’s keywords were mostly revolving around youth and energy as it was the introduction of Catch The Young to the audience, the second album is more focused on the journey and adventure, those are the main keywords for this upcoming album,” says Sani over Zoom.

Comprising five members, Sani, Kihoon, Namhyun, Junyong, and Jungmo, the band debuted in November 2023. They are an alternative pop-rock band that manages to captivate the audience with their unique sounds.

“And the name Catch The Young literally means ‘catch the young’, ‘catch the youth’. We wanted to convey the energy and the youth to everyone who listens to our music by having the unique genre that we are conveying as the youth pop rock,” says Sani.

‘Fragments Of Odyssey’ shows how much the band has grown since the debut album and compares life to a journey of adventure and experiences. Additionally, the goal of the second mini-album is to introduce the band and the type of music they make to the audience. The tracklist consists of seven songs, including the title track ‘Voyager’. The lyrics question oneself and express how people can live harmoniously together, despite their differences.

“We are constantly asking questions to other people and ourselves about what is wrong and what is right, and we are just constantly asking questions and walking on the path of the journey,” Sani tells Clash.

The songs ‘Sentimental Journey’, ‘The Legend’, ‘Always, Forever’, ‘About Us’, ‘Light On Me (1101)’, and ‘Stay By My Side’ make up the album. And, just like the title track, these songs are among the band’s favorites.

“My favourite is ‘Sentimental Journey’, which is the first track of this album and it’s got a very catchy intro. I think you can really feel the potential of this song when we are doing the live performance,” Sani explains.

Kihoon’s favorite song is ‘Light On Me’. “The message behind this song is that we are gonna be the guide in life for you guys but at the same time we hope you to be the guiding light for us as well so we can depend and rely on each other whenever we are going through some hard time.”

“I think this is a great song so we can learn how to relate to each other and respect each other. And I think it really provides a good opportunity to communicate through music and also musically this song contains a lot of different charms from various instruments that we play like piano, drum, bass, and the guitar on the top of the vocal as well,” he adds.

“I actually have two favourite tracks on this album, which are ‘The Legend’ and ‘Always Forever’. So ‘The Legend’ is the style we’ve never presented before, it’s a very hard rock style, and I think it would be really cool to perform the song as a live performance and I think we can have a lot of fun with the audience through this song. And ‘Always Forever’ is really about love and how we are going to be able to communicate with our fans as if we are whispering what love is to each other. So that’s something else that I’m looking forward to,” says Namhyun.

For Junyong, the title track ‘Voyager’ is the best. “We worked very hard on this, on all the songs in the album, but this song took extra care and extra work since it was the title track. And if you take a look at the lyrics, the bassline, the guitar riff, and just overall all the elements included in this track, I think it fits really well with the concept and the direction of the overall album. So I think this is a very fitting title track for the whole album.”

For his part, Jungmo adds: “My favourite is ‘The Legend’. It has a very hard rock style as previously mentioned that we’ve never presented before. It’s got a very powerful and fast beat and it requires a very special technique in terms of the instruments. I think it’ll be a great opportunity for us to show a very dynamic performance. And personally for me as a drummer, after we are running through this one song just once, it’s really hard. I can feel the sweat. The word looks upside down. It’s kind of crazy, but at the same time, it’s really easy for me to imagine while playing the song as if we are playing at an arena with hundreds and thousands of people in front of a global audience. I feel like I’m a superstar while playing this song so it’s very fun to imagine that while performing.” 

The band members actively participated in the creative process of the songs, and in this mini-album, they participated in producing about 90%. “That’s how much effort and work we’ve put into this, there were just lots of edits and re-recordings for this album”, says Sani. ‘Fragments Of Odyssey’ has songs that the members wrote four years ago and others that they wrote two months ago, which makes the project quite unique.

Some songs were recorded so many times that they don’t even remember exactly how many times it happened, according to Kihoon, but having a separate studio in their company made everything easier. “We wanted to make each album as perfect as possible and sometimes it can make the members feel a little bit sensitive because we are all working towards creating great music together,” says Kihoon.

Almost all the songs on the band’s new project have a guitar solo melody, which, according to Kihoon, can be difficult to create when you’re not in your most inspiring day. And for that, he tried different levels of guitar solos. “I really wanted to convey the fun and the mood at the same time for this and it actually took a lot of tries, so that is one of the challenging moments that I recall.”

But the creation of the second mini-album also had its fun part. “I remember when we were recording Voyager, there was a part where we had to all go into the recording booth at the same time and record the chorus part all together. And we were sharing just one mic and we were all gathered together and trying to capture our voices together,” Junyong says to CLASH.

“And as we were listening back to our voices, it was really difficult to find out which voice was whose because all five voices were combined together. But then when we picked up any mistake from any person we would kind of jokingly accuse that person like, ‘Man look what you made us do, we have to do this again’. But we will still laugh and like to joke about it,” he completes.

To finish, Catch The Young sent a message to the old and new fans who will listen to ‘Fragments Of Odyssey’. “We really wanted to capture that emotion and sentiments that we can only experience in our youth. Because you’re young, you can be pretty brave and it’s a bright time in your life and that is also the time filled with worries, love, concerns, and questions. Those really young sentiments that only you can have in your youth, we really wanted to capture those for this album. So I think you are going to have a lot of fun listening to it while you keep thinking of these careful yet brave emotions that we are trying to convey throughout this album.” says Jungmo.

“And also to all the listeners around the world, it’s never too late to stan Catch The Young. So, please, join our journey and we hope to make a lot of memories together. And in order to do that we are also looking forward to performing in more countries all around the world wherever and whenever we can,” says Kihoon.

Namhyun closes: “And lastly, we really incorporated all the musical elements from us such as drums, bass, guitar, keyboards and vocal as well. All the elements are really well incorporated in this album and we really wanted to convey who we are and what our music is through this, so I hope you have a lot of fun listening!”

‘Fragments Of Odyssey’ is out now.

Words: Isadora Wandermurem // @dorawandermurem

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