The Holydrug Couple
Underground sounds from South America...

At some point in 2016 The Holydrug Couple realised they were a long way from home.

The duo - Sepúlveda Minho and Manuel Parra - had released their second album through Sacred Bones the year before, and it's brittle, dark-hued tones sparked a series of international forays.

But they yearned to get back to Chile, to experience their native Santiago again. That small, slim strip of land down the side of South America, it's unique culture couldn't be replicated anywhere else.

Inserting themselves back into the country's underground scene, these experiences helped spark new album ‘Hyper Super Mega’.

Due for release on September 14th, it finds The Holydrug Couple at ease, working on fresh ideas, looking towards new challenges.

Here, the duo dive into Chile's labyrinthine underground music scene, and emerge with a few pearls in the process.

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I don't know that much about Valet, I know he is from Santiago and that he plays keyboards in a band called Niños del cerro. I found his music through a friend's label called Infinito audio.

I like it because is beautiful, groovy and sort of sad and melancholic. I like the overall sound and production too. Great find and a sure cassette buy recommendation.

Alejandro Palacios

Alejandro is a painter and a musician. I know he has been collaborating with other musicians and other bands for a long tim, playing trumpet and bass. He's the bassist of this band called Protistas.

I'm not sure if this release, from 2017 on the label Nonlocal research, is his first but to me it sounds like a really complete and well crafted album. It's a pleasure to listen to. Organic and synthetic, for me it represents different scales, from microscopic visions to cosmic affairs.

Fulin Lawen

Fulin Lawen means something like medicinal herb in the Mapudungun language spoken by the Mapuche - the native indigenous people from the territory now known as Chile and Argentina.

They're a duo formed by Camilo Palma, who often collaborates with Follakzoid on synths, and Felipe Zegers who run the Hecho en Casa, a public arts festival in Santiago. They have been experimenting for a long time with drum machines and synths, achieving something near Krautrock and and ambient.


I don't know much about these guys either. I know they're from Santiago and I know that the first time I found them on youtube I was quickly hooked. I think the best way to describe them is just pressing play and listen to their soft and silky soul pop.


Itesa is Daniel Bande, 50% of the electro pop band Nueva Costa. Itesa has just released an EP called 'UV', which condensates Daniel's interests on 90's latin electro pop, Italo disco and library music. These are pop songs but they hide behind your ears in waves of electronic sounds and sonic experimentation. Worth following.


Tormenta is a duo formed by Begoña Ortuzar, a musical talented visual artist, and Cristian Heyne, a well know music producer, preceded by great and successful albums by artists like Supernova, Javiera Mena and Alex Anwandter.

Produced by Cristian, this EP was released in 2017. It's pop, melodic and dark and mysterious. Great sounding and super well crafted, specially to listen to if you're heartbroken, or the exact opposite.

Lagunas Mentales

Lagunas Mentales is band formed by the core members of the disbanded psych-rock act Watch Out!. They took these years of learning and mastering the art of jam and transformed them into soft rock songs.

They went 10 years ahead from the 60s, to the 70s and took the dad rock vibes into 21 century, developing this indie pop rock sound and structure that I'd compare to the Byrds, Steely Dan and Kurt Vile. You can find their album through BYM Records.

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The Holydrug Couple's new album 'Hyper Super Mega' will be released on September 14th.

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