Scrimshire Picks Seven Artists To Watch

Spanning jazz, soul, and beyond...

In the gaps between jazz, soul, and electronics something intriguing is happening. A flurry of new artists – many in the UK, too – are blending these genres, throwing together these spices to create new recipes. Scrimshire has done his best to platform these sounds – a DJ, producer, broadcaster, and label owner, he’s a one-man new music machine.

His 2021 album ‘Nothing Feels Like Everything’ was lauded at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Awards, with new LP ‘Paroxysm’ slated to land on May 26th via Albert’s Favourites (order it now, in fact). Driven forwards by his unique vision, the record makes way for a number of voices – it’s a collaborative experience, one where unity of purpose is key.

Ahead of this, Clash invited Scrimshire to highlight seven key artists he feels you should know about – so much to explore here.


I first heard about Sola through Jamz Supernova on her Future Bounce label. And I’ve been captivated since. A unique voice, an experimental musical mind, each release is still a surprise to me. There was an album already in 2020 but there is clearly so much more to come with latest single Scream999 further building on her sound.

My personal favourite on the more soulful end of things is from earlier this year: ‘Abide In U’.

And Is Phi

Andrea sets a kind of theme for a few of these selections. An artist who has been a vital presence, an incredibly hard working and motivated/motivating part of the soul and jazz scene in London for years now, but is only just about to come through with her own solo debut.

I first heard her when Hector Plimmer shared his debut album (‘Sunshine’) ideas with me. Her captivating mix of poetry and deeply soulful vocals had me immediately. We later collaborated on my songs After and Chance Me. This year she will release her debut album, with first single ‘Double Pink’ out in the middle of June on Albert’s Favourites.

Daudi Matsiko

Another artist who maybe doesn’t have the shrink-wrap shine of brand new, but is just on the first steps to releasing their debut album. Daudi has been touring and shaking the foundations of people’s emotions for several years now – all off the back of two EPs worth of material.

He has a unique ability to connect, and to address deep and challenging issues in a way that can somehow still feel warm and welcoming. His exploration of his own journey with bi-polar in recent single ‘Fool Me Once’ is a case in point, but dig into any of the tracks on his previous EPs to fall instantly in love.

I’ve had the pleasure of mixing all these projects plus his new album and in all cases it was profoundly moving to be inside those sounds. 


The London based jazz quartet are deeply accomplished musicians who have played with the likes of Frank Ocean, Jordan Rakei, Joy Crookes, Nubiyan Twist and many more. But when they gathered together a couple of years ago to let off some steam and improvise for two days in Fish Factory Studios in London they created something extraordinary.

It’s hard at times to remember these beautifully crafted pieces of music are spontaneous, group compositions. Especially as it’s not really what you might expect from a “jazz quartet”. Soulful, chunky, electronic, borderline psychedelic in places. Somewhere between Galiano and Vels Trio. The album ‘Sound & Reason’ got an incredible reception when we released it in March on Albert’s Favourites. 


I think Milly aka margomool is still on a journey of exploration with their sound and it’s a joy to witness. They are a profoundly kind and generous person and it’s really apparent in the music they make.

Influences of soul, jazz, psychedelia and funk roll through the releases heard so far. Sometimes margomool is a full band, sometimes a solo live project but always joyous music. The song ‘Night’ from ‘An EP’ released in 2021 easily was one of my favourite songs of the year. Just incredible soul music from an inspiring creator and producer.


Bessi came into my life randomly on Instagram through some Brighton connections and I was quickly smitten with her voice and production. She is prolifically creative and doing so much work as a producer.

Follow her IG for a regular series of 60 minute beats that will have you feeling the same as me. There’s clearly so much to come. Recently she collaborated with J Felix and of course I have worked with her, not only on one of my albums, but she plays bass in my band. Truly one to keep an eye on.

Isobella Burnham

Another bass player… I first saw Isobella on a Sunday morning at We Out Here with a Tomorrow’s Warriors session and when she stepped up to play one of her own compositions I was hooked.

When she’s not busy with Steamdown she’s now doing big shows at Ronnie’s and I recently saw her doing a series of improvised sessions with And Is Phi, Jelly Cleaver and Beka Reid at the Crypt in Camberwell. Her energy and love for what she does is so infectious and I’m massively excited about what will come from her mind in the future. 

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