Say She She Pick Out Some Stellar Disco Favourites

Six all-out dancefloor winners...

Say She She are a force to be reckoned with. Disco flavoured soul music of a post-modern vintage, they dip into those glorious dancefloor flavours from the 70s and early 80s while sprucing up the recipe with some modern twists.

So far, it’s cast a spell on everyone who has encountered them. A breakout set at Glastonbury proved to be one of Worthy Farm’s most enchanting performances, while Say She She followed this by packing out vital London venue the Village Underground.

6Music staples, the group will release their new album ‘Silver’ on September 29th via Karma Chief / Colemine Records – spoiler alert, it is sensational.

With a full UK tour scheduled for March, the disco resurgence is well and truly one. Focussed on the core trio of Piya Malik (who you may know from her work with El Michels Affair), Sabrina Mileo Cunningham and Nya Gazelle Brown, the group sifted through the record crates to pick out some inspirational disco anthems.

Sister Sledge – ‘Thinking Of You’

‘Thinking Of You; is a classic and one of my favourite tracks from the disco era.  

This song was written and produced by the one and only Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards of Chic. They also played on the track which is apparent right away, thanks to Nile’s funky guitar line at the top of the song. The Chic instrumentation paired with the soothing vocals of the Sledge Sisters is really wonderful… and who doesn’t love some blood harmonies. (Sabrina)

Evelyln ‘Champagne’ King – ‘Love Come Down

We’ve been singing along to this tune for years! This song really reminds me of the early days of Say She She when would have full-on dance parties in our apartment in the Lower East Side (where Piya and I met) after late nights at Max Fish.

It’s got a contagious groove and the hook is SO FUN to sing-scream along to that it got us into trouble a few times with the neighbors: I love the classic 80s synth bass sound and the heavy reverb on the drums. Ten out of ten for me… and a real party starter. (Sabrina)

Nazia Hassan – ‘Disco Deewane’

‘Disco Deewane is the title track off the 1981 record by Nazia Hassan and its absolutely the soundtrack to my very early childhood growing up in London as a young British Asian.

My cousins and I used to dance around to this song in the living room and fancy ourselves as entertainers. We were totally inspired by this Pakistani sibling duo that had also lived in London and I think she was the first Punjabi girl to get a single in the UK charts.

It’s still a staple on my decks at home in Brooklyn when I’m home sick I throw the record on and instantly feel lifted. (PIYA)

Silver Convention – ‘San Francisco Hustle’

I’ve chosen ‘San Francisco Hustle’ by Silver Convention – an epic tune with lush instrumentals defined by emotional and sweeping strings. 

I think Euro-disco can be hilarious but love that these guys broke the States with their songs – characteristically sparse on words – the songs are more vibey mood setters and I love the way they use the voice like an instrument. In fact  this song is extra rhythmic because of the percussive harmonies that are so on point – they instantly transport you to the dancefloor. A serious goal of ours! (PIYA)

Slave – ‘Just A Touch Of Love

I chose ‘Just A Touch of Love by Slave. It’s a classic with the craziest ear worm for a hook! You can’t sing it just once, no matter how hard you try!

To me, it perfectly captures the essence of the disco era and exemplifies Slave’s unique blend of funk, soul, and R&B. The bass line and the vocals make it impossible for anyone not to dance. I think ‘Just A Touch Of Love’ stands as a timeless testament to the enduring power of disco music. (NYA)

Patrice Rushen – ‘Forget Me Nots’

‘Forget Me Nots’ by Patrice Rushen is another timeless song that slays! And I just love Patrice Rushen. She was part of the soundtrack at the roller skating rinks growing up and any parties that played the ‘oldies but goodies’… Lol! This was in every DJ crate.

I just love the infectious groove combined with Rushen’s vocals! Moreover, the lyrics evoke a relatable sentiment of longing and desire. But this is another song that makes it impossible to stay seated. (NYA)

‘Silver’ will be released on September 29th.

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