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Sam Gellaitry sees music differently to other people.

That's not a typo, either - his synaesthesia-informed vantage point means that sounds become colours, his senses blurring and crossing over.

It's something that shapes his work, and allows him to reach spaces that other electronic artists can't dream of occupying.

New EP 'IV' represents another dramatic shift in his work, allowing him to reach every outwards, while also finessing his highly personal approach to creativity.

Out now, Sam broke down his new EP exclusively for Clash.

- - -

'a new dawn'

i wanted this track to be a depiction of that peaceful excitement that can be felt in the early hours of the day. each day is an opportunity to reflect on what was and use everything from the past as fuel to push you in to this mode where you are at one with the chaotic elements of being alive.

the track goes in an out of that state of consciousness sonically and lyrically and it was only right to start the project at the start of the day.

- - -


'duo' is that feeling of heightened sobriety of coming out of a relationship in which your idea of someone and what they are presenting you with differ drastically. other frustrations stemming from outward opinions of the relationship itself. i used business connotations to emphasise that this track is set at peak daytime hours and preferably with the sun beating down.

i wanted there to be a sense of invincibility when you’re listening to it: someone tweeted that the track made them feel like the main character of a movie, i love that.

- - -


this track almost takes the perspective of those interfering with the relationship in duo and actualises itself here. there’s not much worse than seeing someone continuing to return to someone or something that’s harmful to them. this track is set in the evening, heart to heart before the party situation. emotions run higher in the evening to and this track is the segway from day time to night time in the EP.

the sonics in the track and the double drop are meant to give off a false sense of security similar to that of the subject matter.

- - -


'assumptions' is the carefree 1am nighttime conclusion that the moments in the day leading up to this one are insignificant and the euphoria of the night itself has taken over. you’ve done all your thinking and feeling for the day and now its time to tell someone you’ve just met that you are ready to settle down with them and do it all over again!

after the year and a half we’ve had i hope this track can finally get put to good use at house parties where the track belongs!

- - -

'IV' EP is out now.

- - -

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