Beautifully melancholic Swedes...
Saint Lou Lou

There's a certain beauty to melancholy, and a certain sadness to beauty.

It's present in the work of countless artists, including some of our favourite pop producers. Hailing from Scandinavia, Saint Lou Lou manage to make music which is both contagiously pretty and implausibly sad. Elektra and Miranda Kilbey are two sisters, whose music began attracting wider attention earlier this year.

Kitsune swooped to release 'Maybe You' this summer, with their wistful, downcast songwriting sitting at odds with the July heat. A mysterious proposition, Saint Lou Lou recently pieced together a mixtape containing a few hints, suggestions and influences.

It's an intriguing mixture - Nicolas Jaar is present with his flecked, fractured take on techno no doubt seguing into the pair's own production. George Harrison makes an appearance, with the quiet Beatle perhaps influencing Saint Lou Lou's sighing harmonies.

Taken as a whole, the mix is just as curiously bewitching as Saint Lou Lou themselves.

Listen to it below.


Jonathan Jeremiah - Happiness (Quiet Village Remix)

(Extract) Saint Lou Lou - Maybe You (CFCF Remix)

Antena - Camino Del Sol (Todd Terje Remix)

George Harrison - Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp

Marius Våreld - Dicinson

W&H - Always Forever

Lauer - Frontex Slowfox

ESP - It's For You

Moloko - The Time Is Now

Stolen Voices - Jean 1

Donnie & Joe Emerson - My Heart

The Bees - Winter Rose Rose (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

Quiet Village - Keep On Rolling

Riz Ortolani - Love With Fun


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