Rosalita – Ones To Watch

Rosalita are taking Ipswich to new heights

Mixing the sugary Pavlovian sounds of an ice cream truck with the addictiveness of crack, the self belief of punk and the guilty pleasures of Pop, Rosalita are taking Ipswich to new heights.

Musically, New Wave/Post Punk meets 90’s kids TV in polluting the sanctity of warm evocative afternoon memories with their self-assured vocals and positively cancerous hooks. Musically hard to pin down the brashy guitars and hypnotic synths join the party with overtones of Dance build ups and arrangements into what essentially the band call Pop.

…who says that The Smiths were depressing?

“We personally have never tried to be different. All we have ever tried to be is fun- if that means we sound like Madness/Adam Ant/Devo then so be it.”

Canonizing the sacred Neil Buchanan on the ethereal ‘Art Attack’ with an appropriate display of witty lyrics and a chorus that permeates and destroys any kind of conscious thought process, the homage to Kids TV art shows typifies the vibe of the band perfectly.

“I don’t want to disappoint you but its more of an homage to Tony Hart. Don’t get me wrong I’d love to get with Neil Buchanan but I’d be thinking of Tony.”

With comedy an obvious angle for their music, Rosalita are not surprisingly big fans of stand-up and this clearly plays out in their music.

“We love stand-up comedy. We tend to have it on in the van when we are on tour. Recently its been Ricky Gervais, Bill Hicks and the classic Eddie Murphy ‘Delirious’ – I have also dreamt that Mr T is a homosexual.”

Fantasies aside, the music is fun, full of energy and you can’t help but smile at the clever lyricism on display.

…its more of an homage to Tony Hart

“I have definitely taken influence from other lyricists like Morrissey, Iain Dury and Suggs. All 3 are great at making you smile even Morrissey. Some of the lyrics in ‘The Queen is dead’ are hilarious just listen to ‘Some girls are bigger than others’ and who says that The Smiths were depressing?”

The band are currently signed to Taste Media a label renowned for strict quality control standards, (their only previous signing was Muse) and with that Rosalita are looking to build on their Channel 4 ‘Road to V festival’ win.

“We are determined on not becoming ‘that band who won the Road to V’ or ‘the band who finished 6th in The Twist, Colchester Battle of the bands’!”

Love them or hate them and I do think this might be the case, no one can testify against the kitsch beauty and hark back to the 90’s with a modern edge that Rosalita embody. The immediacy and impact their sound has can only serve them well and undoubtedly evoke a reaction from absolutely anyone who listens to them.

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