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The Month's Goings-On In Dancehall and Reggae…


The Werlboss finds out that his trial is yet again postponed. It’s been about a year since VYBZ KARTEL has been behind bars on a double murder charge and this month he found out that his trial for the murder of Clive 'Lizard' Williams has been put off until next year along with the news that police have video & audio recordings associating the DJ to the crime. Kartel is also due in Jamaican court this December on the case involving the murder of Barrington Burton. Meanwhile BUJU BANTON's new attorney, Chokwe Lumumba, recently held a press conference in Washington D.C. along with reggae artists Gramps Morgan and Steven Marley to update Buju’s fans on the case. Buju is currently serving time for drug trafficking and faces the possibility of additional time due to weapons charges. Lumuma said that the first trial was marred by jury misconduct and said that his client is a “political prisoner.” With those artists’ struggles continue, they can take inspiration from the fact that BUSY SIGNAL will be released from Minnesota prison on November 21st.

On a happier note there's something for reggae fans to look out for on RIHANNA's new album, “Unapologetic.” The first single “Diamonds” is already taking over the airwaves and it sounds like this one's gonna be another hit. But of course the album would not be complete without an Island sound. Rihanna's been no stranger to dancehall beats and has enjoyed huge success with past tracks like “Rude Boy” & “Break it Off” featuring Sean Paul. This time around she teamed up with singer songwriter ELIJAH BLAKE and producer No I.D. to create hot new reggae song called “No Love Allowed.” If you liked “Man Down” off her last album then this one's a winner. Elijah's a rising star in his own right, responsible for writing big songs like Ushers “Climax.” His latest cameo on “Presidential” alongside RICK ROSS has been a super smash so you already know he’s gonna be around for a minute. Rihanna's new album releases November 19th.


“Happiness is a tight punany” —Shabba Ranks

DAMN! just as you thought dancehall couldn't get sexier—some of us already have some serious injuries to deal with after trying crazy dance moves—artists keep on hitting us with non-stop hot tunes. From “Bruck It Down” to “Tan Tuddy” to “Gyal A Bubble” to “Backway,” now CHAM hits us with A-nother off the sexy charts with his track “Stripper Pose,” and a crazy beach party video to match. Can’t take it no more!! (Don't try these moves at home unless you have some seriously flexible limbs, or you are double jointed perhaps.)

TeamCham done raised the bar A-gain! Just when you thought you could give up the gym membership!! I don't see wifey in this video though? EveryTING tun up for O, check out how the sexy couple deal with each other in the workplace here:

“You nah tell me to stop till your p*m p*m red''

Don't sleep cause things are not even close to toning down yet.

Dancehall duo RDX—the blokes who brought you “Bend Over”—take filming to a next level on their latest video, 'Broad Out.' The words “gymnastic,” “acrobatic” and “AnyWayYouWantIt” spring to mind. The pair shot the whole video on their iPhones—have to say I didn't notice any panoramic shots. However I'm not sure if the technique of shooting the video is as interesting as the dance moves themselves. No rest for the wkd!  #NextLevelDaggering

''Tick tock like a wrist watch…..spin it like a key ring''

The beat gets slower but the sexiness continues as Gully Gad drops a smooth number on a Di Genius production. Ladies, if you fancy talking a walk on the wild side looks like MAVADO is on the prowl for that “Special Kinda Gyal.” If you think you can be a good match listen carefully cause he sure knows what he wants: She has to be wild like a carnival, never leave him, and one more thing: ''I need a girl who can bend over…” Are you up for the challenge?

In the meantime the Starbwoy has released a video for his track “Caribbean Girls.” Can you figure out which country is his fave?!

“Whine me Caribbean girls….Guayanese girls, pretty girls''

If you're looking for something to wind down to then the boy from Bermuda has something for you – COLLIE BUDDZ new video for “It Wont Be Long” might just be the calm DURING the storm. It’s a little bit of the romance that you may be yearning for— enjoy the down time.


Hot riddims in rotation this month include the “90s Bubble” featuring voicings from Spice, RDX, Voicemail & Demarco. The bass-heavy “Soak riddim” from Inna Me House Music includes big tunes from Bencil, Tiana, and Charly Black. And let’s not forget about Dave Kelly's “Lawless” riddim including the title track by Cham as well as “Stripper Pose” (see above for more details.)

Newly released this month is the more spiritual riddim from The Green Lion crew if don't have it you can download it here ( Along with Million Stylez and YT, the riddim features a double whammy from the UK's dancehall man Mr Williamz. He says his favourite hobby ain't badminton but I fink I can work out just what it may be. The DJ breaks it down into steps on how he keeps his style fresh yet still close to the roots. Check out my interview with the DJ, along with an exclusive freestyle to a never-before-heard track he has in the pipeline here:


Former Jamaican Prime Minister EDWARD SEAGA got together with VP records for the release of “Reggae Golden Jubilee,” a 4CD box set selecting 100 tracks to represent the best of Jamaican music ranging from early blues and ska cuts to the latest tunes in the dance. It even has some British Lovers Rock – Janet Kay's Silly Games!

Anybody fancy some “reggae unplugged”? First it was STEPHEN MARLEY and TARRUS RILEY, and now RICHIE SPICE brings us an acoustic album. The man who brought us “Earth A Run Red,” is back with a Tad’s Records release called “Soothing Sound.” The title describes this album perfectly—a refreshing chill vibe that shows off Richie’s vocal talents to perfection.

RICHIE STEPHENS and GENTLEMAN have released a collaborative album entitled “Live Your Life.” It all began when Gentleman invited Richie to join him on tour following the tragic death of Stephens’ son Copper Cat. The creative chemistry started to bubble and soon the pair came with a tune called “Warrior.” The tune was such a success that they kept at it, putting together a full-length release which drops November 27 on V.P. Records.


For the past 50 years, The TWINKLE BROTHERS have been making Rasta-inspired reggae music. I know you remember their classic “Since I Throw The Comb Away.” To celebrate their first half century in the business, the brothers are touring the UK all this month along with a full band and the great Channel One sound system. If you love foundation sounds you don’t want to miss this one. Details below.


We keeping it British for a minute – and staking Lovers Rock UK's claim to the reggae hall of fame. It’s the real talk of LOVE, from falling in and out of it to making up & breaking up, not to mention some cheating spouses! For the fourth year in a row, Musical Therapy brought the Giants of Lovers Rock to the Indig02 to sing out their classics. Headliners on this year’s show included CARROLL THOMPSON, PETER HUNNIGALE and the one and only JANET KAY, who hit the high note and brought the house down with her classic “Silly Games.” Check out the behind the scenes report on this one-day celebration of British reggae love

See ya next month!

Words by Reshma B

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