15 - Jul 06

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Razorlight All mouth and plenty of action

So the meek will inherit the Earth? On the eve of their Second Coming, Razorlight have set their sights higher. Today we are here to witness the making of the video for Razorlight’s welcome return to the spotlight with ‘In The Morning’.

The Who Pete Townshend reveals all!

From the earliest days of maximum R&B, when amps were toppled and guitars were smashed on stage in a tiny club in London, to last year’s Live8 when two old classics spat in the face of every other worn-out greatest hit, The Who have always proved themselves as masters of the live arena.

The Young Knives Sharp geek chic

They might look like mild mannered geography teachers, but believe, when they hit the stage spittle will fly, glasses will fall and their neatly pressed shirts will become very sweaty indeed.

Jeff Mills The veteran still has Potential

On the 2nd of July 2005, under the beautiful Pont Du Gard viaduct in Provence, France, Jeff Mills, one of the most popular and legendary techno DJs and producers of all time embarked on one of his most daring and progressive performances to date.

Cut Chemist Medication for the nation

The cult of personality as a marketing tool is one of the music industry’s oldest tricks, but it is not one that impresses Cut Chemist. “Using a biography to sell something is ridiculous. I keep telling my people to take mine off MySpace,” he laughs.

The Futureheads For all and Sunderland

Jealousy is a terrible thing ain’t it? One minute you’re flying. The next, some bitter bastard comes along and snatches it all away from you like a high school thug who’s made off with your dinner money. And so it goes for The Futureheads.

Jurassic 5 Prehistoric Feedback

One of the most popular alternative rap groups are set to release their third full length album, ‘Feedback’, that sees them take a significant step away from their signature old school sound.

Album Spotlight

The Rolling Stones - Aftermath

Clash celebrates the 40th anniversary of The Rolling Stones' first step into maturity with their classic 'Aftermath'.

Personality Clash

Murray Lightburn Vs Martha Wainwright

Both hail from the city of Montreal, the city of saints. When Clash brought the two together, they had a lot to catch up on.

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