Radioactive Man

...a shrewd knack for squelchy, acidic electro beats

Keith Tenniswood is perhaps best known as a blade-bearer with Andrew Weatherall in the famous Two Lone Swordsmen DJ team.

Under the Radioactive Man moniker Tenniswood displays a shrewd knack for squelchy, acidic electro beats. Four years after his last album, Radioactive Man returns with new album ‘Growl’ and brings a host of big names along for the ride. Dot Allison, former One Love singer, brings her fragile voice to ‘Nothing At All’, while ‘Double Dealings’ features Andrew Weatherall.

‘Growl’ is a dirty, heavy beast consisting of take-no-prisoners beats and dirty post-punk rhythms. Combining the best from the dance and rock worlds, ‘Growl’ is a tour de force dance cross over album. Four years on from his last album, and it seems that this superhero has no intention of hanging up his mask.

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