James Brown on... James Brown

Coincidences are remarkable things.

Take Pulled Apart By Horses. The Leeds band boast amongst their number one James Brown - not the iconic funk and soul performer, merely someone who shares his name.

With that in mind, James Brown (from Pulled Apart By Horses) has pieced together a blog illustrating his favourite James Brown (the soul icon) moments.

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I'm not THE James Brown, but my lord do I fucking love that guy. Seen him live a few times and was always blown away. I'll never forget Christmas Day of 2006 when he passed away, I was drunk as a sailor the night before and awoke in the morning to find 26 text messages from friends saying 'R.I.P James' and 'Papa's Got A Brand New Body Bag'. I thought I'd died or something. The man was a genius, he was also pretty damn rock n' roll to say the least en'all. I've put together some of my favourite James Brown moments for you. Some funny and some just totally awesome. Enjoy!

Drunk on Live TV
James was interviewed live on a local LA news programme after getting in a bit of bother with the police. Apparently he had fired a gun his wife's car, this was around the time of the breakdown of their marriage. He was high as a kite.

Dancing Lessons
I've seen all of these but this is just one of them. Learn the mashed potato, funky chicken and the old James Brown with the master himself. Too cool for school this guy.

Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
'Shindig' was a music TV program in the USA in the mid 60's and here is JB doing himself proud at a super early age. Just watch his legs.

Weird Al Interview
Weird Al is a bit of a douche bag but this is actually pretty funny. Typical cut up interview piss take. Do you like hot dogs?

Living In America - Live
This is my favourite song of JB's and this is a stellar live performance of the track. It was most famously used for the film Rocky IV which he performed in the film.

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