A round up of Canadian talent...
Foam Lake

Canada House is set to return to The Great Escape this year - stream an exclusive playlist on ClashMusic.

The past fifteen years have seen Canada's music scene turn expectations on their head. Continually churning out wonderful bands, pioneering producers and hugely talented solo artists, the Northern nation has become a fulcrum for tastemakers in the indie and dance world.

Last year, The Great Escape in Brighton was rocked by Canada House. A day long event featuring a series of Canadian Blast showcases, it helped introduce countless new artists to British audiences.

With the South Coast showcase set to return in a matter of days, details have emerged of a second Canada House event taking place at the Blind Tiger Club. Featuring a broad cross section of Canadian artists, fans can expect everything from nu-disco to straight up rock 'n' roll and everything in between.

To celebrate, ClashMusic have joined forces with Canada House to piece together a playlist of bands featured on the bill. Containing fourteen tracks, this is as good an introduction to the current state of Canadian music are you are likely to get.

Listen to it below.



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