From the re-mastered 'Venus And Mars'...

The lengthy journey of Wings prompted some enormous highs.

The group's decade-long career brought stunning commercial success, with the Paul and Linda McCartney-led venture scoring hit after hit.

Yet coming in the shadow of The Beatles, doubters always remained. The band's modern reputation is well overdue a resurgence, though, hence the upcoming re-issues of 'Venus And Mars' and 'At The Speed Of Sound'.

At the time, both albums notched up huge sales, but their profiles have since dimmed. Undergoing the full re-mastering process, these new versions should place at the forefront of any serious consideration of Paul McCartney's career.

Issued in 1975, 'Venus And Mars' finds Wings grappling with then-current trends - shades of funk and disco make appearances - while also staying true to McCartney's love of classic songwriting.

Spruced up by the award-winning team at Abbey Road, 'Venus And Mars' has rarely - if ever - sounded better.

Out this week, Clash is delighted to be able to premiere the re-mastered version of 'Listen To What The Man Said'.

Fusing a joyous, upbeat rhythm - no doubt informed by Stevie Wonder's golden run - the song also includes shades of 1960s bubblegum pop and even Eastern inflections.

A hit single at the time, 'Listen To What The Man Said' rings with a rare buoyancy, even after all these years.

Check it out now.

Just for fun... here's the vintage television ad for 'Venus And Mars'.

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'Venus And Mars' and 'At The Speed Of Sound' are both out now.

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