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With renewed light shining on the Danish music scene, it's only fitting that Treefight For Sunlight emerge to take their rightful acclaim.

After all, the artful four piece already have some experience under their belt, with the Bella Union aided release of their self-titled debut resulting in no small degree of praise.

'Pizza' though, feels like a confident step forward. The band's influences - muted electro pop, blissful psychedelics - have swirled together into a potent brew, fusing organic with digital.

Referring to the title, band member Morten Winther Nielsen explains: “We recorded the drums on tape in an attempt at escaping the endless editing capabilities of the computer. But we couldn't resist its black hole of options constantly pulling us closer with an enormous gravity. We cut, stretched, pitched, messed around with a wealth of effects and sampled for what seemed as an eternity. It wasn't until the mixing proces that the album came together as a complete universe - a musical pizza."

Clash premiered the video for album highlight 'Come Closer' earlier this year, noting: "Swirling, hypnotic electronics with a psychedelic touch, there's a sweet pop vein here which is utterly addictive."

Out on July 28th, 'Pizza' will be given a full digital release alongside an extremely limited edition physical pressing. Before then, though, Clash has acquired the entire album for your musical consumption.

Check it out now.

'Pizza' is set to be released on July 28th.

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