Premiere: The Lost Brothers – ‘New Songs Of Dawn And Dust’

Folk-driven Irish duo return...

It's a remarkable facet of the current folk boom that so much of it is divorced from trad's celtic roots.

Mumford & Sons may aim to sound like a group from rural Ireland, yet nobody within the group owes a serious debt to the Emerald Isle.

Which is why The Lost Brothers are so vital. Amid a scene which cloaks itself in a veil of authenticity, the group actually walk it like they talk it.

Sharing a folk influence, the duo's stark, often quite vividly emotional songwriting has turned them into critical favourites in their native lad.

Upcoming album 'New Songs Of Dawn And Dust' could see The Lost Brothers make an impact on the UK. Produced by Bill Ryder-Jones, the material has a rich, earthy quality, building on their previous work in a considered, intelligent manner.

Recorded and mixed in just seven days at Parr Street Studios, 'New Songs Of Dawn And Dust' is set to be released on September 22nd. Ahead of this, though, you can tune in via Clash.

Check it out below.

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