Fascinating, thrilling electronics...

Luke Abbott just can't seem to sit still.

A frenetic 18 month long bout of creativity is set to take another turn this week when the producer unveils a new collaborative project.

The electronic artist has crossed swords with Portico's Jack Wyllie, with the pair drafting material for a new 12 inch on the Buffalo Temple label.

Intriguingly, the tracks were edited down from much larger, improvisatory sessions, with Luke Abbott helping to whittle down the material into rather more coherent, punchy blocks of sound.

The producer comments: “I think our sounds merge together in a really natural way, we found a really nice musical space together right from the beginning of the collaboration. I think we're both keen on meditation music, although pan pipes and wind chimes are usually best avoided. There's a great blog called Sounds Of The Dawn where you can find a lot of good stuff, [like] old tape cassette albums that have been rescued from obscurity.”

For Jack, the material offers a space to re-connect with his love of the saxophone. “Luke’s music was very free and open for me to play on; there’s no strongly defined chord changes or meter, but there is a lot of interesting, changing tones and timbres in there to play off. It was about finding a new way to play and I definitely felt a sense of freedom in that."

Available from September 25th, you can stream all three tracks on 'Luke Abbott & Jack Wyllie' below.

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