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The astonishing success of EDM has changed the way in which American electronic music is perceived.

Yet it would be an enormous fallacy to simple lump Stateside machine music into one bracket. Based in Seattle, production duo ODESZA are proof that continually inventive, challenging music can still gain a foothold in the United States.

Recently completing a sold out headline tour and racking up more than seven million plays on Spotify, new album 'In Return' is already in huge demand.

Fan fervour forced ODESZA to release the album in the United States a few weeks early, with the material set to reach British shores on September 8th.

Released via Ninja Tune cousin label Counter Records, it's a fantastically diverse return (pre-order link). Warm, open production, the buoyant, dancefloor ready edge is paired alongside an eclectic choice in collaborators.

Zyra, Py, Shy Girls, and Madelyn Grant all grab guest spots, with each adding their own voice, their own take on what it is that ODESZA stand for.

Flexible, at times challenging and always engrossing, you can stream 'In Return' on Clash as a UK exclusive. (pre-order link)

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