Sub Pop duo unveil enticing new album...

To quote the French author Andre Gide: "do not understand me too quickly."

Luluc isn't a band built for quick consumption, for sitting easily in the background while life passes by. Rather, the band's songwriting demands time, patience, stamina in order to really come to grips with each meaning, with each idiosyncrasy.

A duo - real names Zoë Randell and Steve Hassett - Luluc caught the attention of The National's Aaron Dessner. Recommended to Sub Pop, label boss Jonathan Poneman quickly fell in love with what he describes as their "bracing, subtle, tender and magnificent" beautiful.

Co-produced by Dessner and Luluc themselves, new album 'Passerby' is a real gem. Rooted in acoustic songcraft, comparisons could be made to Neil Young's more introverted moments, or even British pioneers such as Nick Drake or Vashti Bunyan.

There's a softness, a grace to each passing note, with Luluc focussing on sound as well as meaning. Underneath that tempting surface, though, lie dangerous emotional undercurrents with the pair knowing how to pit blissful sounds against quite cutting language.

Out in the UK on July 14th, you can listen to 'Passerby' below.


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