Wakey wakey, here’s some real rock ‘n’ roll…
Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires

Hey you! Wake up! It’s Monday! Here’s a new album to shake the sleepy dust off your face and act like a shot of straight caffeine to your system.

‘Dereconstructed’ is the second LP from Birmingham, Alabama’s Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, released on May 26th. Clash is pleased as a punch in the guts to deliver the record’s European premiere. The album follows 2012’s ‘There Is A Bomb In Gilead’, and marks the band’s first album release with the ever-reliable Sub Pop label. Sounds like a relationship that was always meant to be.

“Classic southern rock,” is how one publication described this lot’s sound. Rolling Stone, no less, wrote that they come on “like the second coming of Creedence”. You can decide for yourself by listening to ‘Dereconstructed’ in full below – right after a cheery welcome from Mr Bains himself…

“I have been asked to introduce our band to the United Kingdom. Well, dear cousins, feast your ears on ‘Dereconstructed’, a 35-minute cycle of blown-out liberation gospel songs (read: ROCK-AND-ROLL), concerned with examining and dismantling the paternalistic power structures that work to strangle the life out of authentic cultural engagement and youth movement, as played by four scraggly Alabamian dudes, currently hurtling down a poorly surfaced stretch of interstate, seeking – heads aching, hands grubby, eyes bleary – the loudest, rowdiest, most ebullient show in the dingiest, purest environs, and the perfect swimming hole. Thank you for The Jam, William Blake, and the sandwich. Pool together your energies, and we shall cross the ocean to repay you in spilled beers and blown ears.”

Get some…

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Find Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires online here. Tour dates and pre-order information at Sub Pop

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