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Frank Carter remains deeply, furiously independent.

As the frontman of Gallows, the singer helped push a uniquely UK-centric hardcore vision into the Top 40. Leaving the band at the height of their fame, the artist then pursued rather different endeavours with Pure Love.

Now he's operating with Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes. A return to guitar-based music, frenzied opening statement 'Fangs' emerged online earlier this year.

Part of opening EP 'Rotten', the track was an unrelenting return, exploding with spit and fury. 'Rotten' itself emerges on Monday (May 4th), a three track affair which is packed with ideas and righteous venom.

Clash is lucky enough to grab the pre-release stream, alongside a track-by-track guide from Frank Carter himself.

Check it out now.

This song is all about a striptease. It's a violent, passionate, fiercely dangerous song about lust and love in a hotel suite in uptown Manhattan. When I listen to this song I see the lights of 5th Avenue and the silhouette of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen losing herself in a dance that I will be the only person to ever see. And I remember that I am just a man, even if she makes me feel like a god.

This song is about suicide bombers and how they are all fucking scum. When we play this song my head is full of blood and rage and everything that is wrong with the world. I see beheadings and mass graves and orange boiler suits and people thrown from towers or stoned to death or set on fire or being shot to death hiding in a classroom or in a church or an office. And It makes me hate people.

Primary Explosive
A primary explosive is something that is very sensitive to stimuli, and I think it's a fairly good way of describing the rattlesnakes. The song is about star dust and realising your own potential. It's about people telling you what to do, and you telling them to go fuck themselves. It's about making your own mistakes and being a better person because of them.

Most of this song was written while watching a boxing match at 3am and thinking about how beautiful my daughter is.

The hidden track at the end of the EP is called 'Loss'. That's all I wanna say about that one...

- - -

'Rotten' EP will be released on Monday (May 4th).

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