Portishead’s Ones To Watch

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We sat down with GEOFF BARROW and ADRIAN UTLEY from Portishead to discuss which breaking talent has influenced them in recent times.

Having just come out of a ten-year recording hiatus, Clash were keen to find out what bands or composers had been floating their boats in the self described ‘long hours’ trying to figure out their new sound and next leap forward. The results were as broad as they were unique. Geoff the hip-hop head and grass roots musical guru opted for youth and edge whilst guitarist Ade, a jazz aficionado, plumped for the avantgarde and distinctly leftfield.

From blues-doom-core, to avant-jazz and onto modern classical composers, this spectrum of artists belie the band’s massive scope of influence which they pour onto their own sonic canvas.

You can download an exclusive (and free) compilation of music by these bands by clicking the link below.

Portishead Ones to Watch: Download Compilation Tracklisting

1) A Hawk and a Hacksaw – Zozobra

2) The Blessing – Bleach Cake

3) Joe Volk – Whole Pig, No Head

4) Jaylib – The Mission (Stringed Out Mix)

5) K**** K**** – Rocker

6) Glenn Branca – Harm Series Chords 03

7) Om – Giza (edit)

8) Rosie Redrash – Rosire

9) Gonga – SteThoGeo

Download Portishead’s Ones To Watch compilation here (40Mb zipped file)

You can also read profiles for the bands they selected below.

The Blessing

Team Brick

Rosie Red Rash



Kling Klang

Joe Volk


Glenn Branca

A Hawk and A Hacksaw

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