An alternative Christmas concoction...
The Pictish Trail

Cuddly, bearded, whimsical and capable of pulling at your heart strings like few others, The Pictish Trail has had an enjoyable 2014.

The genial Scottish songwriter invited a host of artists to his home on the Isle of Eigg, with the Howlin' Fling festival becoming an enormous success.

Continuing to write, tour and record, the singer's Lost Map label has released a string of vital cuts. Closing the year with a joint tour alongside Sweet Baboo, Clash asked Johnny Lynch to piece together a festive playlist.

Packed full of Christmas baubles, you can check it out below.

- - -

BBC One - Christmas Ident 1978

It's Christmas, and there's no better way to celebrate the impending rebirth of Lord Baby Jesus Chrizzy Christ than by mesmerising your eyeballs with the rotating disembodied skull of Santa Claus. Would the Beeb get away with this today? They'd probably use Noel Edmonds head, on a stick, instead - which everyone would enjoy, admittedly. Didn't Noel Edmonds plan to buy-out the BBC at one point? What a total ego-maniac fucking asshole.

- - -

The Pictish Trail - 'Winter Home Disco' (Hot Chip Remix)

MTN State Fair from Spencer Black on Vimeo.

This is a fan video for a Hot Chip remix of my song 'Winter Home Disco'. Joe and Alexis have been a constant source of inspiration and support throughout my career. The pair of them are the best thing to happen to music in the last 15 years, constantly creating, and re-inventing. When they delivered this remix, a little bit of me floated up to heaven. It's a big sonic hug.

- - -

Irn Bru advert - The Snowman

The best Xmas advert by the best Xmas hangover cure. Coca Cola would need to get Chris Morris to make an advert to equal it.

- - -

David Lynch with Sparklehorse and Danger Mouse - 'Star Eyes (I Can't Catch It)'

There's something about this song that's really Xmassy. I miss Sparklehorse sooooo much. David Lynch's vocal is beautiful, here. This Sparklehorse / Danger Mouse album is really underrated, I think.

- - -

Bottom - 'Holy'

Xmas makes you think about all the stuff that's happened throughout the year. Rik Mayall - you were the funniest, most joyous comedian that we ever had, and we all miss you. This is the bestest Xmas Special, bar none. I still howl with laughter when I watch it.

- - -

Grandaddy - 'Alan Parsons In A Winter Wonderland'

This track was on an XFM compilation, that was like £3 or something, and immediately replaced my 'Now That's What I Call Xmas' cassette tape as the acceptable thing to play during Advent. Gary Glitter's track on the Now tape pretty much ruined that album. Grandaddy are amazing, aren't they? Guys - make a new album. Please.

- - -

Ibibio Sound Machine - 'Let's Dance (Yak Unek Inek)'

I'm putting on a Xmas party with my pals Kid Canaveral, up in Edinburgh, and we've got Ibibio headlining. Eeeeaasily the best album of the year. I cannot wait to dance my ass off to this.

- - -

Catch The Ice Dude

"Mein arsche!" What a bell end. Hahahaahaaaaaa.

- - -

Tuff Love - 'Slammer'

It's been a great year for my label, Lost Map - and my heart swells with joy whenever I hear this song. They are the greatest band on the planet. If you are in a band, you may as well give up. Tuff Love have got it covered.

- - -

Pictish Baboo Heartbreak - The Internet Date Chat

I'm on tour with Sweet Baboo, and this is a sexy promotional video for the tour. We've played 6 shows so far, and it's been one of the most enjoyable tours i've ever been part of. We take it in turns to sing songs, and join in on each others tunes. I've had the pleasure of hearing the new Sweet Baboo album, which is coming out next year - and it is INCREDIBLE. The guy is a pop genius, and your earholes are in for a treat. Come and see us on tour!

- - -

Catch The Pictish Trail x Sweet Baboo at the following shows:

Leicester The Musician
10 York The Basement
11 Manchester Gullivers
12 Wakefield Unity Works Minor Hall
13 Edinburgh Portabello
14 Aberdeen The Lemon Tree

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