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Kenton Slash Demon

Kenton Slash Demon's return could hardly be better timed.

The production duo have released new EP 'Skydancer' at a time when the music of their Danish homeland seems to fizzle and crackle with a rare sense of creative electricity.

In particular, Denmark's electronic scene is one of its most buoyant phases to date. New producers are uniting with old, genres are being crossed and parties being held - in short, they're having a blast and breaking new boundaries at the same time.

Kenton Slash Demon pick out a few names to watch.

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Bjørn Svin

His album 'Benene på Nakken' is one of the reasons we started making music together and a gem in Danish electronic music. There're so many great tracks on it, especially the track 'Søde', which is today considered a classic tune in Danish techno.

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DJ Hvad

DJ Hvad aka Kid Kidshore. From his first tracks as Kid Kishore he has really been in his on lane both sonically and visually. You should also check out Albertslund Terror Korps, a project he created together with visual artist Halfdan Pisket.

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War or Vår are Elias from Iceage and Posh Isolation's Loke Rahbek. The idea of doing techno inspired noise tracks with Elias's vocal on top was just brilliant. Their track 'Brodermordet' is one of our favourite records.

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Mischa Pavlovski

His first release 'Kapitel' came out last year on Posh Isolation. It's dark and gritty downtempo techno, and it's brilliant.

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Kasper Marott

He is a fairly new artist in the Copenhagen scene with only a few releases behind him. If you get the chance you should try to catch one of his live sets.

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I'm not sure they will make more music as Jatoma but their self-titled album, which was released on Kompakt back in 2010, is a fantastic abstract melodic house release.

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Taragana Pyjarama

Nick Kold's style changed a lot from each release but somehow you can always hear that he is behind it. His latest EP 'Ariel' sounds like a beautiful melodic travel through space.

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Kenton Slash Demon's new EP 'Skydancer' is out now.

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