Wyrd folk artist picks out some classic LPs...

There's a sparse, unaffected quality to the music of Jessica Pratt that feels completely natural.

In concert, the Los Angeles-based artist quietly goes about her business, letting each track unfold with a wonderful sense of grandeur.

The arrangement is slim yet the impact, the gravity seems to enhanced to quite shocking proportions. Autumn is sweeping in, with Jessica Pratt's folk-hewn music becoming the perfect soundtrack to reddening leaves and blackened skies.

Set to play MIRRORS festival later this month, Clash invited Jessica Pratt to pick out some influential LPs.

- - -

The Incredible String Band - 'Hangman's Beautiful Daughter'

Inarguably a classic, this album kicks off with one of Robin Williamson's finest songs, 'Koeeeoaddi There', which is just a mind-ripper of a track. I distinctly remember the first time I heard the majestically charged and galloping opening seconds of that tune; it was like being immediately enveloped in a swirling, magic cyclone of autumn leaves, then finding yourself on an undiscovered path in some enchanted place. The songs of Heron and Williamson captured my imagination in the deepest way possible.

- - -

Robyn Hitchcock - 'Invisible Hitchcock'

A compilation, but as it was a collection of unreleased material, I think of it as an album in it's own right. I wore the grooves out on this one; as a young girl, it was as important to my impressionable brain as Syd Barrett's 'The Madcap Laughs' or Skip Spence's 'Oar'.

- - -

Leonard Cohen - 'Songs Of Leonard Cohen'

When the dust settles, this record may take the cake for album most listened to. In the way that a preacher is constantly searching for ways to spin a new gospel from an ancient text, the lyrics, delivery and melodies on this record continue to blow my mind no matter where I'm at. A truly masterful thing.

- - -

Roy Harper - 'HQ'

There's nothing that sounds like this record. Harper's songs and voice are regal and detachedly woeful in this sort of bent and dreamy way. And that unmistakably unique guitar sound.

- - -

Joni Mitchell - 'Song To A Seagull'

I loved imagining the twinkling, rain-spattered storybook world these songs would conjure in my mind. So impeccably crafted. Startling to think it was her debut album.

- - -

MIRRORS takes place on October 31st at venues around Hackney - full details.

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