Hiatus Kaiyote
Songs to get you pumped before you go onstage...

Hiatus Kaiyote have to be seen to be believed.

Sure, the Australian group's open-minded future soul is adept on record, with their studio interplay partying down the boundaries.

But live is where it's at. Hiatus Kaiyote are in London tonight (July 7th) to play Somerset House, a very special show from a very special group.

Ahead of this, Clash asked Hiatus Kaiyote what songs they play before heading out onstage.

- - -

Faxed Head - 'Demon's Chills' // Bender

I choose this song because I'm a troll and want to upset you. But seriously, this band is some kind of horrible genius; never have I heard a better example of how Black Metal, Music Concréte and incoherent mumbling can be used together to describe the unpleasant effects of food poisoning. This track is really fun, just try to have fun OK guys?

- - -

James Blake - 'Radio Silence' // Simon

Off his latest record, always been a big fan and love this new record.

- - -

Nahawa Doumbia - 'Koro Dia' // Perrin

Nahawa Doumbia is from Southern Mali near the Ivory Coast and Guiana. She comes from the cultural region of Wassoulou which is also a musical style, it blends traditional and new influences said to be the birth of American blues. I found out about her through African Tapes and fell in love, she is on high rotation at home on the record player. This song Koro Dia is from her album La Grande Cantatrice recorded in 1982.

- - -

Bill Conti - 'Gonna Fly Now' by (Rocky Theme Song) // Nai

They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds - Mexican Proverb.

- - -

For full information on the Somerset House Summer Series click HERE.

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