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Albert Hammond Jr

As the most rock ‘n’ roll member of one of recent history’s most definitive guitar bands, Albert Hammond, Jr’s contribution to the canon of indie-club classics is assured.

Yet amid The Strokes’ tangled side projects, the part-time endeavours and experimental whims, it is perhaps Hammond’s own solo material which looms largest.

Never straying too far from the sound which made his name, the guitarist maintains a fresh, uncomplicated approach which is packed with the raw, ragged energy which drives the finest Strokes material.

His new EP, ‘AHJ’, is set to be released on October 8th. Ahead of this, Clash is able to present a quickfire playlist of Hammond's favourite tracks, compiled by the guitarist's own fair hands...

- - -

Squeeze - 'Goodbye Girl'

"I wanna write a song like this so badly. It really has captured my attention right now. Till we meet again."

- - -

Salt-n-Pepa - 'Push It'

"The riff is incredible. The style and production are dated, but I really love it. I think I was in elementary school when this came out. Throw back. Way back."

- - -

Misfits - 'Last Caress'

"My latest cover attempt. I found these guys quite late in my life but have a real passion for some of their songs. My best friend Gus told me Metallica has closed their shows since '85 with this song. Time to pass the torch, guys."

- - -

T. Rex - 'Life's A Gas'

"Doesn't this song just feel like it's telling you something important?"

- - -

R. Stevie Moore - 'Why Should I Love You'

"Underrated. Maybe not even heard of by some readers. R. Stevie Moore's album, 'Glad Music', is just an amazing record. You can't pinpoint its time period, either. It almost sounds futuristic because of that."

- - -

'AHJ' is released on October 8th. Find its maker online here.

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