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Formed in Copenhagen on the back of some of the most esoteric influences we’ve ever been privy to, Pinkunoizu is a band that is worth a bit of attention. Signed to Full Time Hobby, with an ethos centred on a regime of self-production, the Danish four-piece bring reworked and sampled loops of extensive jamming sessions into the fore, interrupted by radio static and speech mixes, that set off a gloriously disorientating effect. The three-track EP, PEEP, will be available on November 7, while the band will be supporting Pink Mountaintops at The Lexington in London on 28 November. We got hold of lead vocalist Andreas Pallisgaard to find out more.

Can you give me a history of the band?
Andreas Pallisgaard: Pinkunoizu rose from the ashes of our old band Le Fiasko. When we played in Le Fiasko back in 2008, there were twice as many of us as there are now and that made it rather difficult to get in sync and develop a deeper focus. So by the end of 2009 we figured we should start this here band. But we wanted to get down to a basic level of communication while playing and build something new from down there. In that manner we spent quite a while in the rehearsal room trying to invent some new language. In the beginning we only played with three electric guitars and drums. Now Jakob has expanded with an organ bass he controls with his feet while still playing the guitar. It was really nice to remove the bass from the soundscape in the beginning: it created this airy and transparent sonic quality, which led us to rethink our way of handling the instruments enough to go on playing with both organ bass, electric bass and keyboards occasionally.

How would you describe what you’re about?
Andreas Pallisgaard: We tend to welcome every idea that springs from our impulses. If we can transmit the feeling of openness and diversity, then we’re satisfied. Of course we often circulate around certain genres and/or expressions, but we try to maintain our curiosity for every possible type of music. Be that Maroccan Gnawa trance, Indian drone, noise rock, evergreen pop tunes, minimalistic compositions, microsounds or space funk, we just basically want to be able to stay inspired and not place ourselves in any sort of enclosed position.

What does it mean to be signed to Full Time Hobby?
Andreas Pallisgaard: For us, of course, it’s totally new. But until now it’s meant that we are experiencing a highly serious, kind, dedicated and apparently lovable bunch working together with us in a fashion that looks really promising. FTH seems to have a passion for music that is the only way to go in this weird world of the music industry.
Are there any themes on the upcoming EP? Or generally in your music?
Andreas Pallisgaard: Well, time as such is a central theme connecting the bits and pieces. The sensation of time as a material that can be stretched or compressed seem to exist in all three compositions on PEEP EP. Also the forwardly progressing forms of the tracks are dominant. The different departments of each track present themselves as plateaus from where you leap forward without really being able to remember from where you came and why, and why you are where you are in that given composition. Those might be some sorts of themes…
Can you describe your writing process? How much of a collaboration is it between the band?
Andreas Pallisgaard: Usually I come up with some lyrics and some outlines for chords, rhythm patterns and melodies. And from there on we play around with those sparse building blocks, almost always transforming them into something completely different. The other guys come up with ideas for new parts, beats and additional themes. We often stay in one mode for a long time, searching the music as we play for its essential qualities. In that way we find out if something really means anything to us – if it has that magical and interesting character.
How important is self-production to Pinkunoizu?
Andreas Pallisgaard: I think our way of making music is highly dependent on the fact that we’re able to record and mix the music ourselves. In that way we have much more time to experiment with ways of recording, with effects, with stupid instruments we wouldn’t have thought of bringing into a studio and so on. Plus it gives a feeling of a more pure form of creativity. One where money and time is not a fact we have to be concerned about once we’ve entered that process. And all the tiny imperfections of the home production can really also contribute to some more exciting sounds, in my opinion. But maybe we should try doing an improv session in a really nice studio once – I think that would be fun.
What are you listening to at the moment?
Andreas Pallisgaard: Terry Riley, Scott Walker, Wire, Ultimate Spinach, Captain Beefheart, Africa Hitech, Thurston Moore, Shangaan Electro, H.P. Lovecraft, etc.

What does the next year hold for the band?
Andreas Pallisgaard: The release of our debut album ‘Free Time’ on FTH. Playing concerts. Dancing, having fun.

PEEP is out on November 7. Pinkunoizu will be supporting Pink Mountaintops on 28 November at The Lexington, London.

Words by Sam Ballard

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