When two dance titans collide...

Personality Clash is a space for two artists to cross-examine one another, to chat about everything from songwriting and production through to travel tips.

This time round Danish producer Kölsch chats to Montreal-based musician Tiga, fresh from the announcement of a joint EP on Kölsch's newly inaugurated collaboration only label IPSO.

Two distinctive talents, Kölsch has released a well-regarded trio of LPs on Kompakt, while Tiga's ongoing adventures with his Turbo label remain at the forefront of club culture.

Tiga interviews Kölsch...

I have been asked to formulate five questions for you, which seems like I’ve been asked to do somebody else’s job for them; what is a job that you do that you would love to hand off to somebody else?

I don't really have any jobs as such that I would like to hand off. Lately I’ve come to enjoy the more “mundane" tasks of life such as cooking and doing the dishes. One thing that would make life a lot easier would be faster travel. As I'm 194 cm tall, airline seats are not made for me. Where is that Star Trek transporter when we need it.

Dream car? Cost not an issue.

Lamborghini Muira or Ferrari F40. Both so beautiful, and both cars I will never drive. I recently saw an f40 driving past my place in Ibiza. Nearly lost my mind.

I know that you - like me - love watches... do you remember your first watch? Or the one that you first loved?

My first watch was and early 80s Swatch. I still have it somewhere. It is one of the early automatic, and it meant the world to me. I remember showing it of to everyone. I think it was the first real accessory i had. I followed me through thick and thin for many years.

Tell me three things that are part of your hardcore travel/tour routine- things you do in every hotel room or during flights. The more mundane the better.

I always have coffee and water during my flights, and never eat the airline food. Seems like a waste of a meal opportunity. I always whip out my laptop during takeoff, so I can get to work on some music. I found it's the only way to distract me enough. First thing I check in the hotel is the room service menu, and towel thickness. It's the perfect way to judge if it's a quality hotel.

Our track 'Hal' has a euphoria and a joy to it that for me at least stands out. What’s a record that you reach for when you feel really good and just want to spread love and happiness?

Anything Motown really. Nothing better than a BBQ with friends and loud Motown. Makes me so happy. My biggest vice is Steely Dan, but I know that doesn’t resonate with everyone, so ill bring out the classics when we are just having fun.

- - -

Kölsch interviews Tiga...

As you wrote in your first question about doing other peoples jobs, it seems that we are now venturing down the road of of journalism together. Is there any career, other than musician that you dreamt of in your teens?

In my teens I didn’t have any clear idea about a career - I always loved building things and I loved technical drawing, so architecture was a vague idea based on skills I imagined I had. The only “career” that I have a memory of wanting was acting. It was a phase and it probably lasted two months. I am not a good actor.

I know you have a very strong connection to Ibiza, as it pretty much comes up in all our conversations (along with watches and cars), What is it exactly about the island that has this draw on you?

It is a very difficult thing to put in words, but I have had to come to the simple realization that I am actually IN LOVE with the island. It is irrational. It is something much more instinctual than it is intellectual. It has not faded, and it actually grows. I palpably miss it when I am away, I long for it when I’m in Montreal, and I get excited every time I return.

The love affair has nothing to do with the clubs or the nightlife - it’s with the light and the air and the sea and the people. I simply feel happy and alive and excited when I’m here. It should be noted that I also can barely think and get zero work done.

You’ve done a fair share of cover versions in the earlier years of your career. Which original song would be the ultimate challenge to turn in to a bonafide Tiga hit cover version? My vote is on 'It's Raining Men'.

I always thought of 'Blue Monday' as mission impossible.

I know you are very particular about hotel rooms. What would be the perfect room for you?

I have actually moved away from larger rooms and suites- I like something where I can feel a bit cocooned and see all my possessions in my field of vision. A view is essential, ideally with a small balcony. I need a desk, with nice stationary.

A bench inside the shower is something I really enjoy. The room should be absolutely quiet, never cold or hot. no humming or fans, no TV welcoming me. mini bar should be free and stocked. Internet should be fast. Check in should be fast and I appreciate when they don’t ask for credit card until check out. Steam room and sauna is also a must. Bonus points for the “snow room” at Dolder Grand in Zurich.

One track that you wish you had written?

As far as non-dance music- I would settle for having written one LINE of Morrissey, or Leonard Cohen.... for now I’ll take “I am the son, I am the heir, of a shyness that is criminally vulgar” the stunning opening lines of 'How Soon Is Now?' by The Smiths.

A little more my speed: dance-wise, I always wished I had come up with 'Music Sounds Better With You'. Pisses me off how good it is. In terms of instrumentals... Adonis' 'No Way Back' is a track I wish I had made.

- - -

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