Five key ingredients to their sound...

Franc Moody's explosive live show is already the stuff of legend.

An exuberant riot of colour and sound, the Franc Moody concert experience is one of life's absolutely guaranteed pick-me-up moments.

Hitting the studio last year, the London collective began distilling these ideas down on to tape, focussing on a full album project.

Fresh on the racks, 'Dream In Colour' is a vivid, exhilarating experience, slice after slice of disco bedlam yet with a lyrical touch that delves a little deeper.

With a full UK tour kicking off this very eve - February 28th - Clash tracked down Franc Moody to penetrate the sonic core of their disco bangers...

- - -

Daft Punk - 'Something About Us'

Daft Punk are pretty unreal when you think how talented they are as producers. They are as masterful at producing dance records like 'Around The World', as they are making more groove based vibes like this one.

Without trying to sound too nerdy, the bass tone in this one has given us sleepless nights. We listened to it a lot in the formative months of Franc Moody, as a bit of a bar to reach in terms of production and sonics.

Not sure we’ll ever get there but it’s good to be ambitious!

- - -

Clifton Chenier - 'I'm Coming Home'

This is a tune from the King Of Zydeco, Clifton Chenier, the great accordionist and songwriter. It may seem fairly incongruous with the Franc Moody sound but we actually have a deep affinity with the music of South Louisiana, whether it be Lil Bob & The Lollipops, Cookie & The Cupcakes, The Meters or Chris Ardoin etc.

We're both lucky enough to have spent some time in New Orleans and Lafayette where music is life. What we do now is deeply inspired by the soul, rhythms, melodies and dancing culture that comes from that special place.

- - -

Skinshape - 'I Didn't Know'

This is a tune by a great friend of ours (Jon actually wrote the horn arrangements) and was produced at the studio where we used to run our Warehouse parties in Tottenham which definitely sowed the seeds for the Franc Moody ethos.

The place was craggy as hell, covered in damp and falling apart at the seams. It always just about barely managed to function, and at the centre were these incredible, raucous all nighters with the musicians from the space performing each time to packed, sweaty crowds.

- - -

Jamiroquai - 'Little L'

We were talking about lyrics with a mate of ours in the studio and they said something along the lines of, “…think about that 'Little L' tune.. it’s a throw-away lyric with a fun track propping it up underneath..”

So we listened to it there and then and were both pretty blown away by a) how sick that lyric actually is and b) how cool the production and arrangement is. I mean we’d obviously heard the song before, but never really sat down and analysed it I guess..

Straight after we picked up the bass and one of our first tunes ‘Yuri’ came to life.

- - -

James Brown - 'Get Up Offa That Thing'

The sheer energy that pops out of this record is something I think any ‘dance music’ producer or artist can’t ignore. Whether your cooking dance music through a Roland 909 in your bedroom or recording the London Philharmonic Orchestra on top of your groove at Abbey Road Studios, at the end of the day it's the energy of the track that ultimately gives it its place on the dance floor.

With his incredibly talented and well oiled band, the records he’s left us are undeniably funky and guarantee shaking up any DJ set or playlist. If one of our records is a hundredth as funky as this one we’ll be pretty chuffed with that.

- - -

'Dream In Colour' is out now.

Catch Franc Moody at the following shows:

28 Glasgow Stereo
29 Manchester YES

2 Bristol Fleece
3 Brighton Concorde 2
4 Nottingham Bodega
5 London O2 Shepherds Bush Empire
7 Leeds Belgrave Music Hall

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