"The singer had very nice skin..."
Peggy Sue by Mike Massaro

Terrific Wichita-signed trio Peggy Sue have stepped up to review the singles for Clash this week. In their sites: new tracks from AlunaGeorge, Jay Z and Robbie Williams.

For those at the back, Peggy Sue have already put out two entirely splendid long-play collections – 2010’s ‘Fossils And Other Phantoms’ (Clash review) and 2011’s ‘Acrobats’. Released in early 2014 is their third album, ‘Choir Of Echoes’.

As the new set’s lead single ‘Idle’ proves, its makers have been anything but in the time since ‘Acrobats’ – this is the sound of a band reenergised superbly. Listen to it below, before the opinions of member Katy Young spill forth…

- - -

Alice In Chains – ‘Voices’

Surely this song already exists? But I liked their neon signs a lot. And I did read two-thirds of their Wikipedia page after I listened to it, which I guess is a good thing. (Weirdly, Frank Turner already reviewed this one…)

- - -

AlunaGeorge – ‘Best Be Believing’

Her voice is almost unbelievably sweet. I liked the verses a lot, but I got a bit annoyed in the chorus that she didn't tell me what I was that I best be believing. It was a bit like when the Spice Girls just wanted to zig-a-zig-ah

- - -

Drenge – ‘Nothing’

I liked this. Sounds a bit like The White Stripes. Is that a massively boring thing to say? He is doing total Jack White guitar/vocal rhythms in the verses, though. I turned it up halfway through and then I liked it even more.

- - -

Jay Z – ‘Tom Ford’

I genuinely think there might have been two or three noises on that track that I’ve never heard before which is pretty cool. I know it’s all minimal and stuff but I really don't think he needed to only say Tom Ford in the chorus. I enjoyed the sexy female vocal at the end. 

- - -

Robbie Williams – ‘Go Gentle’

I think maybe I listened to Robbie Williams too much in my youth and now I cannot bear the sound of his voice. It's not as good as ‘No Regrets’, anyway.

- - -

Kodaline – ‘All I Want’

This will make a very effective home insurance advert one day, if it hasn't already. Pretty singing, but also not as good as ‘No Regrets’.

- - -

Ruen Brothers – ‘Blood Runs Wild’

Things I liked about this: all the roll-necks, double burgundy and the singer had very nice skin. 

- - -

You ain’t playing Bestival on Sunday, mate. That ship’s sailed. But if you’re into pop, check out Clash’s new Pop Issue. It’s a special, of sorts. Information.

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‘Choir Of Echoes’ is released through Wichita on January 27th. Find Peggy Sue online, if you like, over here

Photo: Mike Massaro


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