21 - Jul 07

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Paul McCartney "Music is an addication!"

Everyone has a favourite Paul McCartney. His 45-year career has played out in the glare of the world’s media, more so now than ever, but meanwhile everyone cherishes the Paul they love. Whether it’s the cute doe-eyed moptop, the homely family man or the British national treasure.

The Beastie Boys UK exclusive interview

Welcome to Beastie Boys 101. First question; when asked why they agreed to partake in the London leg of this year’s Live Earth event, how did the band answer?

The Chemical Brothers Fraternal Dance Dons

“We do really like doing what we do,” Tom says. “It’s not like some terrible burden on our backs; making music and doing gigs.”

Interpol Third time's a charmer

It’s been almost three years since Interpol’s gloomy rock masterpiece ‘Antics’ blasted its way over to the UK. And it feels like a lifetime since the insular post punk stars last stepped on these shores.

Queens Of The Stone Age Hard rock pour Homme

A thin plume of smoke twists through the air as Clash opens the door to Josh Homme’s plush hotel room.

Editors The beginning of 'The End'...

Let’s get straight to the point; this is a genuinely impressive follow-up to the genuinely impressive debut.

Justice The vanguard of French dance

Parisian pop-dance juggernauts Justice are on stage in a few hours and were due to leave for the site a few minutes ago, but no-one seems overly sure of their current coordinates.

Album Spotlight

Captain Beefheart - Lick My Decals Off, Baby

This album is like listening to music for the first time

Personality Clash

Mick Jones and Tony James

Part of Rock's heritage but also it's future with Carbon/Silicon

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  • FASHION Roisin Murphy, The Teenagers, The Kissaway Trail..
  • ELECTRIC SELECTION Chill, Check and Recline...
  • ONES TO WATCH Essential new sounds
  • THE LAST TIME Bonde Do Role
  • WRITE ON Chromeo
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  • Chromeo
  • Cherry Ghost
  • Young Marble Giants
  • Chemical Brothers
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