Sean Yeaton on new music and old monkeys…
Parquet Courts

Parquet Courts step up to review this week’s new singles – or, rather, bassist Sean Yeaton does. Thanks, Sean!

The New Yorkers’ latest LP, ‘Sunbathing Animal’ (review), came out earlier this year to a thoroughly good reception – and a new set, ‘Content Nausea’ (news), is to follow next month, albeit under the moniker of Parkay Quarts. But it’s not an album, see, or an EP, but something in between. Does that explain the name change? They used it once before, for the ‘Tally All The Things You Broke’ EP of 2013. I don’t know. Bands.

Here are Sean’s words, right after the ‘Content Nausea’ track ‘Uncast Shadow Of A Southern Myth’.

- - -

Together Pangea – ‘Badillac’

“This is cool. I like the energy, I like the spirit. I like a portmanteau as much as the next guy. Right off the bat I like how casual it feels; it really captures that spirit of excitement of getting a tune stuck in your head, humming it all day long and committing to actually bringing it to life with a band. Sometimes those kinds of songs can be really tough if you second-guess yourself like, ‘Is this just some stupid riff or inconsiderable melody because it came randomly from my dome-piece while I was washing my balls?’ When in reality, it's the simple shit that becomes more universal and catchy.”

- - -

Dillon Francis – ‘When We Were Young’

“This is so multifaceted in its rehashed corniness that I don’t know whether to bow before it or commit my life to building a time machine allowing me to travel back to whence it was conceptualised and prevent it from being created by any means necessary. This video effectively sums up what I believe is meant to be mankind’s understanding of this song.” 

- - -

United Fruit – ‘Open Your Eyes’

“This song walks a bold line that I respectfully do not understand. Sounds like these guys know how to play their instruments and from what I understand they put on a great live show. Maybe that's their spartan task for now: to just be a sick live band, deserving of someone who can one day capture their energy on record. No easy task – for band or engineer.” 

- - -

Rev Rev Rev – ‘Catching A Buzz’

“Is there a sweepstakes going on somewhere modelled after The Sword In The Stone, where ‘whoso mimiceth precisely this riff of Kevin Shields, is righties king born of all shoegaze’?”

- - - 

Earth Experiment – ‘People, It’s Time To Change’

“A familiar message that tends to fall on deaf ears no matter how much chill-flute you pummel the cheerless, droning masses with. Preach goddamn it, preach!”

- - -

Words: Sean Yeaton
Photo: Ben Rayner

Parquet Courts online. ‘Content Nausea’ is released on November 10th, via Rough Trade.

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