Liverpool band pick out some romantic sounds...

Formed in Liverpool, Paris Youth Foundation have enjoyed something of a soaraway success.

The band's early demos made their onto SoundCloud, and when BBC Introducing hooked onto it their profile soared.

Set to play the Clash Stage at the Great Escape in just a few hours, Paris Youth Foundation scribbled down a few of their favourite romantic hymns...

- - -

Radiohead - 'House Of Cards'

This song probably means the most to me. That's probably why it's number one on my list. I listened to it a lot at the start of a relationship when I was younger. I guess I fell in love to it.

"I don't wanna be your friend, I just wanna be your lover / No matter how it ends, no matter how it starts..."

Thom Yorke knows how to write a love song.

- - -

Bon Iver - 'For Emma...'

This is probably one of my favourites on the list. I could have easily included Bon Iver's whole debut album 'For Emma Forever Ago' on this list. I was always fascinated by the story of him going through a break up and locking himself away in the middle of winter and writing this. The sadness in this song still breaks my heart even after all these years.

- - -

The National - 'About Today'

This was probably the hardest choice on the list Just because I think I could have chose any of about fifty National songs. This band is my favourite on the planet and includes my favourite lyricist. I think The National are the kings of the love song, as far as lyrics are concerned. Everyone is just playing for second best behind Matt Berninger.

- - -

The 1975 - 'Falling For You'

This is a strange song because it's a song about falling in love with someone. But I came across this song in the midst of a break up. I'd just sit with it on repeat for hours and never once get bored of it. I think in the depths of a breakup you'd do anything to go back to the start. I think Matt Healy took me back there with this tune. Even if it was just for four minutes. - - - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 'Maps'

This was one of the first on the list. It feels like a classic love song but its not even twenty years old. Not even fifteen. I think this deserves a place on any love song list. "Wait, they don't don't love you I love you". I think that line says more about the song than I ever could.

- - -

Coldplay - 'Yellow'

Even the biggest Coldplay haters, which I am definitely not, must be able to admit that this is a 21st century classic. Chris Martin running down that beach singing "look how they shine for you..." should be enough to make anyone fall in love.

- - -

Beach Boys - 'God Only Knows'

I felt I had to include some classics on this list and 'God Only Knows; was number one on the classic list. I don't know if anyone's ever written a better line than "God only knows what I'd be without you..." For that line alone this song always deserves a place on this list.

- - -

Bonnie Raitt - 'I Can't Make You Love Me'

This song is another classic. I fell in love with this song when I heard Justin Vernon from Bon Iver covering it. It's probably one of my favourite ever covers. I whole-heartedly recommend you check it out. Saying that the original is just as painfully good. "I can't make you love me if you don't..." It doesn't matter if you're in the middle of breakup or in the best relationship of your life. This tune will break your heart.

- - -

Fleetwood Mac - 'Everywhere'

This is a universally known classic tune. Probably as classic as they come. I don't think there's anything I can say about this. You already know how great it is.

- - -

Chris Isaak - 'Wicked Games'

This is just a straight up banger.

- - -

I couldn't stop at ten so here's an eleventh...

The Beatles - 'Something'

Coming from the same city as the most famous band in history means I have to include one of their tunes. But sayin' that, even if I wasn't, this tune should be on everyone's lists. George Harrison I love you.

- - -

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