We catch up with Izzy and Dee on their Pre Carnival Link Up...

Paying homage to the annual Notting Hill Carnival festivities Bossy LDN Clarks Originals put together the  'Pre-Carnival Link Up'.

Bringing the party to your front room, the soundsystem virtual extravaganza included high octane sets from Bossy LDN, Cadenza, Lil C, DJ Nate, Jordss, AAA, CVSS, Taylah Elaine, plus a very special performance from Pa Salieu.

Revisit the Bossy LDN set here. During the livestream donations were taken for the Fear-Less community project. 

Fear-Less is a platform created by Izzy Steven of Bossy LDN, to ensure our future generations are better equipped with the tools, support and information to thrive. Chanelling a mission statement that we can all celebrate; "A Fear-Less individual changes for the betterment of themselves. A Fear-Less community targets growth and equality. A Fear-Less society dismantles deliberate privilege and systematic racism".

The initiative aims to provide structural change through education and business advancement. This includes workshops, mentorships, lectures, trips, internships, core subject education, life skills, mental heath support and information on alternative career oppotunities. All providing our youth with essential skills to progress.

We caught up with Izzy and Dee to talk through Fear-Less and how the link-up with Clarks Originals came about...

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Tell us about the inspiration behind Bossy LDN.

We’ve always and still have a very, do it yourself attitude towards everything and when we started, it was to create opportunities for ourselves in a heavily male dominated industry. Through our work we wanted to uplift voices and give a platform to the next generation, especially for women, who are still hugely under represented in music. We strive for equality, to pave a new path for women in music and to give back to the community.

How did you both come together?

We met on a video shoot in 2015, Izzy was styling and Dee was taking photos. Having to spend a lot of time together during the day, we just hit it off. We had all the same creative visions and ideas, and that’s where our journey began

What are your favourite things about London? 

D I V E R S I T YYY, opportunities and FOOD!

How has the pandemic affected the way you work?

In every way possible, but I guess you learn how to adapt. 

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How did you capture the atmosphere of carnival live sets via a stream?

It’s honestly super hard but you just get into it and do what you have to do, just have to make sure we keep the energy high!

What do you miss the most about live DJ sets pre-COVID? 


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Can you tell us about the Fear-Less initiative?

Izzy wanted to give back to Jamaica as she is half Jamaican and spends quite a lot of time there. She saw how much talent and greatness this small island holds and wanted to being more opportunities to all of the Drapers community where she stays.

Why did you choose to celebrate the artists featured in the Livestream?

We alway champion up and coming talent and try to increase their visibility as much as possible. We had some of our favourite DJs and artists who celebrate Caribbean culture.

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What does Carnival mean to you? And why do you feel it’s so important to London culture?  

Izzy - carnival has been a massive part of my upbringing i was part of the parade my whole life as a young child I remember the Colours, music, food & vibes the diversity of everyone there has always made me feel at home 

Dee - The best energy and vibes, everything is forgotten about at Carnival, it’s just about going with the flow and being with your friends and family! More importantly, it is an opportunity for everyone to come together to celebrate black culture and history, the UK would not be what it is without it!! 

How did this partnership with Clarks Originals come about?

This relationship came around naturally, Izzy and I have always worn Clarks shoes and it just made sense!

What does the Clarks Originals brand mean to you?

Izzy - Clark’s is a huge part of Jamaican culture if you listen to the songs they really hold Clark’s high Everybody haffi ask where me get my & if I’m being honest that’s why I have always rated them so much 

Dee - I’ve worn Clark’s since school and to be working with them later on in life is an amazing!

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Where do you see this industry moving for women?

Well to be honest, it’s sad to say that we’re still pushing for equality but hopefully this is something that can change in daily life as we move forward. 

Do you have any advice for young female creatives, struggling to break into male dominated spaces?

We always say be yourself and stay true to yourself, don’t give up, keep pushing. Don’t be scared to reach out to people, build your own portfolio, send your work out, if you don’t get replies keep trying! Create your own work own opportunities.

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Photography: Michaela Quan

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