Overtones: Episode 4

We touch base with Haich Ber Na and Louis Culture...

Available on Spotify, Overtones is an episodic series with editorial insight at its core. Hosted by lead staff writer Shahzaib, alongside a reel of rotating presenters and guests that define the CLASH publication experience, we delve into the creative minds across the music, film and fashion realms, through incisive commentary and focus interviews.

For Episode 4. we’re joined by two singular next-gen musicians, Haich Ber Na and Louis Culture.

Peterborough-born, London-based visual artist Haich Ber Na emerged on the scene as a grime producer-for-hire. Disenchanted with the confines of that scene, he embraced his idiosyncrasies with early solo EPs ‘Unbalanced’ and ‘Everywhere’s Home’, home to muffled and muted electronics, akin to the sounds of Jamie Woon and early James Blake. With his latest project, ‘When We Knew Less‘, Haich integrates pop tropes and surrealist melodrama into his matrix, coalescing his disparate influences into something animated, darkly comic but playful.

Underground rap artist Louis Culture is seeking broader recognition with his new era. Louis debuted on the scene in 2016 with ‘Don’t F Up Louis’, his output moving between searing political takedowns, diaristic wordplay and hands-in-the-air, club-skewed aspirations. His ascent has coincided with the rise of his collective, Elevation Meditation – home to p-rallel, Lord Apex, Finn Foxell, Ric Reefer and Xav – and it’s this ethos of community, friendship and finding their place in the world, that marks his new era. With a new project due in November, launched with the singles ‘7am‘ and ‘Twiss‘, Louis continues his journey as an adult-in-progress.

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