Clash lets the Odd Future rapper design its cover...
Clash Issue 85


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Featured in this issue...

Tyler Takes Over!

Clash hands the design of its cover over to Tyler, The Creator, and hangs out with the rapper, producer, entrepreneur and Odd Future 'frontman' stateside.

"I was always the class f*cking clown," he tells us. "I always find humour in shit that's not supposed to be funny. Like, 'she died' type of shit."

He tells us how the public has misinterpreted his material as dark, and how socks are one of the best-selling Odd Future-branded merch items.

A Star Is Born: Sky Ferreira

With her debut album on the horizon, Clash meets the Californian to talk about her position as pop-royalty-in-waiting.

"Now I have teenage girls at my shows, who tell me how much I mean to them," she says. But it wasn't always like this: "Until maybe as soon as a month ago, I didn't think I had fans."

We all know that pop comes in waves, and Ferreira's about ready to break.

Noah And The Whale Come Of Age

It was five years ago that this act broke through with '5 Years' Time'. What's changed, now they're releasing 'Heart Of Nowhere'?

"The songs I'm writing [now] are really electronic," says singer Charlie Fink. "And I guess our sound's been all over the place."

Needless to say, the word "twee" doesn't really apply these days.

Ghostpoet's Natural Instincts

The returning sort-of-rapper speaks to us about his new LP, 'Some Say I So I Say Light'.

"I feel like it has evolved... That was my only mission. If it doesn't evolve, there's no point in making music."

Evolution achieved, the new set is just a little bit stunning. 

Rudimental Return To Their Eastern Base

With their debut album 'Home' tearing up the charts, Clash sits down with the east London d'n'b crew to see what's special about Hackney.

"There's positivity in darkness," they tell us, referring to negativty towards their neighbourhood. "We're positive."

And that positivity has flowed into 'Home', one of the most vibrant British debuts of 2013 so far.

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Also featured...

Ones To Watch with Lulu James, Blue Daisy, Rainy Milo, Typesun and The Haxan Cloak

Har Mar Superstar's Swan Song: "Here lies Sean Tilmann. He was the f*cking best."

Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories' gets reviewed - read our track-by-track too.

Also covered by our album reviewers: new sets from The National, The Child Of Lov, Laura Marling, Primal Scream, Vampire Weekend, Savages and more.

We've an amazing selection of intimate details from the David Bowie exhibition at London's Victoria & Albert Museum - seriously, if you're a fan, you'll want to see this.

We look over the enduring legacy of the Ramones: "They had come to shake up the status quo."

And all your favourite regulars: Electric Selection, Write On, Rock And Rules, Bowman's Blog...

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