Modern jazz with a hip-hop edge...
Rainy Milo by Neil Bedford

Born in southeast London, Rainy Milo got into this music thing at 14, using her mellifluous vocal range as an outlet to tell her life stories, mainly from entries scribbled on a notepad. Call it a song diary, if you will.

But, when you consider the likes of her predecessors – think Billie Holiday, and more recently Lianne La Havas – perhaps she wasn’t that young.

Today, Milo is still only 17, yet her aura surpasses the time she’s been on this planet. So much so, that it’s hard to believe her first time boarding a plane was when heading to San Francisco, tasked with completing ‘Limey’, her debut EP.

“The last time I travelled before that, I was about four-years-old. And I went back to my mum’s home country in South America. But [going to San Fran] was the first time travelling that I can actually properly remember.”

Milo projects a calm intelligence that suggests she’s spent her life in the clouds, so to speak. It gets even more interesting when you learn that, despite being a newbie, she’s already got an imprint of her own on Mercury, also called Limey. She’s carving out a niche for herself while simultaneously planting seeds in the industry’s swinging pendulum.

Like virtually all of her contemporaries, Milo is a child of the ‘net – the slickest vehicle for cultivating stardom. You can find her on Tumblr, YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitter… but she’s also had that necessary ‘push’ courtesy of British-based music connoisseur Gilles Peterson. He included her song ‘‘Bout You’ track in volume eight of his ‘Brownswood Bubblers’ series.

By the time you read this, Rainy Milo’s new EP, ‘Black And Blonde’, will already be out. Peep the video for the (Clash cover) single ‘Bankrobber’ if you’ve not already. It’s likely, indeed, that her colourful sounds will be swirling through the airwaves before long.

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Where: Southeast London

What: Modern jazz with a hip-hop edge.

Get 3 songs: ‘‘Bout You’, ‘Don’t Regret Me’, ‘This Thing Of Ours’

Fact: She’s addicted to MAC cosmetics, blush in Pink Swoon, and lip-gloss in Pink Lemonade, seriously.

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Words: Safra Ducreay

Photo: Neil Bedford

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