Industrial pop
OTW #480: Raisa K

Taking a side-step from her usual creative bearings, we introduce Raisa K, a keyboard conjurer known usually as one of Micachu’s Shapes, who’s ready to project her solo back catalogue directly onto your unsuspecting face.

“I’m mad into digital cumbia and reggaeton,” says Raisa, and it’s no surprise. Whilst those specific influences don’t manifest themselves much in her music, the variation certainly does. Her sounds are a broth of industrial bass, queer “playground” vocals, wild keyboards, and guitars that nod to Beck circa-‘Modern Guilt’.

This off-kilter equation results in songs like ‘Feeder’, a grotesquely beautiful everlasting boom of experimental pop, with a video to match. Featuring former child pageant star and burlesque queenBetty Grumble, it’s the epitome of NSFW, as Raisa explains: “We needed some support people for our album launch at Arcola. It was in a tent, a bit circus-y. We got Betty Grumble to support us and she did some mad stuff. I was kind of thinking about what a video could be to ‘Feeder’. I saw her and I was just like, ‘Right, this has to happen!’”

Raisa is part of a friendly bunch of London artists who crave a good collaboration. She can’t answer straight, but having worked with Kwes, Dels and The Invisible in the past, admits there could be some familiar faces in the future. “I want to get loads of people involved,  you know like, playing little bits of  percussion or maybe like singing a vocal line here and there.”

Her ‘Feeder EP’ will be the first release on new label Technicolour Records, and signals her intent to take it to the stage, albeit with humorous apprehension… “Oh shit, there’s a microphone. I’m not in my bedroom hunched up with someone asleep next door as I sing quietly.”

Words by Joe Zadeh
Photography by Neil Bedford

Where: London
What: Industrial pop
Get 3 Songs: ‘Feeder’, ‘Repetition’, ‘Bowl With A Hole’
Unique Fact: Daddy Yankee classic ‘Gasolina’ is her party staple.


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