Intergalactic soul with a gritty R&B vibe
OTW #471: The Child Of Lov

In the digital era you can usually uncover someone’s identity with just a few clicks. Not so with new kid on the nu soul scene, The Child Of Lov, whose clandestine persona encourages the listener to engage with the music alone.

Before even releasing a single, the artists already charmed by TCOL caused a stir. He explains what rapper Doom brought to the record: “At first it was a concept track with just me singing and when he came into the picture it became dark and moody with a Spanish guitar sample. He fitted it perfectly.”

Recently released track ‘Heal’ (with accompanying video directed by Focus Creeps, of Arctic Monkeys/Girls fame) respectfully nods to early Prince and NERD, while Damon Albarn plays the bass. TCOL elaborates on the relationship with Albarn: “The record was finished; I’d self-produced it. Damon came on board to add some additional production and sings in a duet on one track.”

Offering an insight into multi-instrumental abilities, the Amsterdam-based singer says: “I have been making beats since I was twelve. Gradually, other things came into the picture - I started playing guitar and then keys and do my own backing vocals and then this thing evolved of me making songs by myself.”

How does his acid-bright visual identity relate to TCOL's distinctive pop funk sound? “All the artwork to this point I’ve done myself. To me, it’s [artwork and lack of persona] been a way to focus attention on the music. It’s not something that’s meant to be forever. It’s also given me some space to get used to everything that’s going on and to work with Damon Albarn and Doom, who is one of my favourite rappers.”

It seems we won’t have to wait long for TCOL’s identity to be revealed: “I’m recording a Maida Vale session in February then I’ll start doing live shows. I’ve never performed live but I’m not afraid. I’m only looking forward”.

Words: Eden Keane
Photography: Neil Bedford
Fashion: Chris Amfo

Where: London via Amsterdam
What: Intergalactic soul with a gritty R&B vibe
Get 3 Songs: ‘Heal’, ‘Rotisserie’, ‘Give Me’
Unique Fact: The Child of Lov studied graphic design and is inspired by fashion, particularly the outrageous colour construction of Versace.

All clothing Artist's own.


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