Noir pop for the Lost Boys generation

Here it be, a future shock that will shit you up: bands are releasing their music through tumblr. Previously, tumblr was a forsaken land for ears. They would hang, unused, and  reminisce of Soundcloudier times, as their young owners watched looping GIFs of Chewbacca touching Princess Leia’s tit in deathly silence. Then MS MR (pronounced ‘miss mister’) decided to release their ‘Candy Bar Creep Show EP’.

When they met, Max was already producing in college, and Lizzy ran her own record label. It wasn’t until they exchanged musically that a bond formed; “We spend time talking about intimate dark, heavy things to do with music, then there’s moments where we are like, ‘so, you lived where?’”

‘All fur coat and no knickers’ springs to mind when you’re faced with the rich imagery that precedes MS MR, but when debut single ‘Hurricanes’ finally dropped in August, with warnings of potential “popilepsy”, it became clear this duo are capable of a complex pop sound that flirts playfully with cinematic doom. Lizzy’s voice is laconic, hypnotic and reverberating. Her choice explanation of EP lead track ‘Bones’ enlightens the dark tones: “It was about a night we broke into a  church and walked through graveyards. It’s  so perfectly teen angsty, but at that time it felt like a total escape.”

Releasing across tumblr would be an odd move for most, but for these modern imaginatives it’s seizing their audience at source. Their creative outpouring is as visual as aural, flooding their online locales with thousands of images/animations/ clips, like blogging Tambellini’s for the digital generation. The charmful hoarding must be explained. “Cinema plays a huge influence. We’re also interested in fashion from different idols, different decades. We’re pulling from different scenes, different periods. If we like it we don’t overthink it. Keep it in our back pocket and use it”. Solid advice: don’t overthink it.

Words: Joe Zadeh
Photography: Cameron Alexander
Hair and Make-up: Anne Sophie Costa using MAC

WHERE: New York
WHAT: Noir pop for the Lost Boys generation
GET 3 SONGS: 'Hurricane', 'Bones', 'Dark Doo Wop'
UNIQUE FACT: Formed in the USA and donning American accents, Lizzie was actually born and raised in West London.

Leather Jacket by All Saints, Top by Topshop
All other clothing artists' own.


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